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Shop FAQ

→ I didn't receive my order / How do I download the file?

Proceed through checkout and find your download link on the order confirmation page and e-mail.

If your payment hasn't cleared yet, it will be sent to your email by Etsy.

I DO NOT send out personal emails myself.

Mobile downloads are NOT supported. Please make sure you're doing it on a device such as a tablet, PC, laptop, MacBook, etc.

If you have an Etsy account, you will find the download link under your account in "Purchases and Reviews." Then find the purchase you made and click, "Download Files." You will then be led to a page with a download link, click "Download."

→ How do you print your inserts?

I HIGHLY suggest downloading Adobe Reader (it's FREE) to print any of the inserts on my page. Each listing has a link directly to it also.

When trying to print through the web browser itself, it keeps cutting off part of the design because it doesn't center the image like Adobe Reader does.

Each and every listing will tell you exactly how to print it out for the best results. For A5 & B5 planners, I select “Custom Scale” at “100%” within Adobe Reader.

→ What printer do you use?

Honestly, my printer is really old. Like REALLY OLD. It's beyond the 2000s. It's my dad's printer. I literally have to hop on his outdated computer that is slow beyond anything else to print anything. xD So you really don't need a fancy computer or printer to print these.

As for what it is, I exactly don't know. It uses toner not ink, which toner sometimes can be an issue it gets dusty on the paper I use. But when it works, it works well. :)

If you don't have a printer, you can go to OfficeMax or Staples and see if they'll print it for you there.

→ What paper do you use to print inserts on?

I personally like to use Hammermill Color Copy Digital paper. I have had a pack of 500 sheets for MANY many years now. It lasts me so long, and every time I print on it... it just looks so much better than regular printer paper.

→ What do you use to insert your planner inserts?

I like to use a form of double-sided tape or double-sided roll-on glue. You can use whatever you have available, but the 2 I reach for are:

- Tombow Power Mini Glue Tape, 3-Pack Permanent Bond ($10)
- Adtech Glue Runner Permanent 35Yds Total 4-Pack ($13)

Personally, I prefer the Adtech one. It's easy to lift your insert back up if you place it down wrong. With the Tombow one, you can't really do that. They're both similar prices, but the Adtech one lasts me many months of use. The Tombow one does not. The Adtech one sells out often.

→ How do you insert your planner inserts?

Watch this video:

→ What planners do you own?
→ Tell me a little more about your shop brand.

Dreamlike Innovations is an extension of my personal brand, dreamlikediana.

Dreamlike Innovations was honestly created because I got tired of redrawing and remaking my own planner spreads in new planners and bullet journals. I just don't have that much time nor desire to remake it year after year.

When I took a look at what was out there, what was being sold, the options were subpar. Super basic, made in Canva or Microsoft Suite, no attention to detail, priced insanely too much, and I just thought, "I could do this way better."

Therefore, Dreamlike Innovations was born. I hand-draw everything from start to finish. It starts with an idea, what problem I'd be solving, the concept, the initial sketch, the final look, and then every design goes through a series of tests and edits before finalizing. It is my hope that I'm also saving time for the busy person or designing things that someone who is not as creative can enjoy.

Fun Fact: I launched my shop during a time I was in physical therapy for three months already because I sprained my entire dominant arm. From my wrist all the way to my scapula, and finished physical therapy in December 2021. The pain in a lot of places has completely gone away, and in others I’ve learned how to manage it.

I also plan on expanding from planner inserts and into other stationery items such as, but not limited to, planners, notepads, stickers, etc. Hence the "Innovations" part of the name.