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Passion Planner
  • I've been using Passion Planner for 3 years now, and of those 3 years, I've had the pleasure of using all 3 sizes of their planner. I've had the opportunity to have 3 vastly different stories from year to year.

  • Passion Planner was created by Angelia Trinidad fresh out of college, and unsure what to do next. Life after college isn't so linear, and that's how Passion Planner was born. It's an organizational tool that helps people take control of their lives and focuses on what really matters. Beyond that, Passion Planner has a great community and social awareness. They have multiple programs where they help the community, help the environment, and give back in general. Each planner you buy benefits a cause. 

  • Passion Planner is one of the few brands who offer free digital downloads, and also a free PDF version of all their planners. You can try before you buy. 

  • Their community, culture, and overall brand is something I wholeheartedly believe and support in.

  • What you get: If you click my link, or use the code DIANA10 at checkout, you will receive 10% off of your order.

  • What I get if you do: I make a 10% commission off of every order.

Join Honey
  • Honey is a free browser extension that helps save you money on your online purchases.

  • I've been telling people about Honey for years! I use it for everything under the sun and moon.

    • For example: my sister has really bad eyesight and she asked me to buy her glasses. I shop at eyebuydirect for all my glasses because they're the most affordable on the market. But if you have bad eyesight, like she does, it starts to rack up a heftier price. They came out to be like $83 pre-honey. After Honey, I got them down to $58! I saved her $25.

    • Another example: I did a huge shopping spree on SHEIN once for business casual clothes for work, and put over $100 worth of stuff into the cart. I don't go that crazy for clothes like ever, no lie I was scared, but Honey saved me. I got it down to $60! It was insane! My jaw dropped!

  • Also, you get cashback when you use it, which I turn into Amazon gift cards xD. Glad to see someone else uses honey. The way cashback works is you get a percentage of your purchase back in Honey coins, and you can save up Honey coins to redeem as gift cards. 1000 coins = $10

  • What I get if you join: For every person that joins, I get $10.

Join ipsy
  • ipsy is a month-to-month beauty subscription service. What you get in your bag is tailored to you depending on your beauty profile as well as reviews. Sometimes they are a hit or a miss, I won't lie, but I've received some high-end brands in the last 2+ years I've been with ipsy.

  • ipsy is only $12 a month for the traditional glam bag and $10 a month if you pay the annual fee instead. 

  • What I get if you join: 600 points will be added to my account if you join. I can save up the points and redeem them for bigger makeup products, or I can redeem them right away for smaller makeup items like lip glosses and skincare. 

As a disclaimer, I'd like you to know that I won't be signing up for affiliates that I don't believe in. Affiliate links that I do have will be from brands or websites that I already use and have used prior. If you have any questions regarding a website or brand I promote, comment on one of my posts. Let me know. I'm very willing to go into detail about why I like and support them. Sometimes I maybe a little bit more passionate about one brand over another, but I want you all to know I am picky in who I support and promote. I'm trying to build an authentic audience that trusts me. I don't mind receiving free goods, but it doesn't mean I will definitely promote. I do my research, and I'm picky.