Behind the Name

dreamlikediana in Japan wearing a Kimono respectfully looking at the goldfish in the Tokyo Skytree Aquarium

Can you think of a time where you accomplished something? Big or small. Do you know that feeling you get? That excitement, you’re reveling in it, and it’s like a great day all around and nothing can get you down because of that one thing.

What do you do after you accomplish it?

Do you sometimes feel an emptiness to you? Like what do I do now?

I think it’s important to know that we as humans are a lot like onions actually. We are made up of many layers. We aren’t just one thing, so I don’t expect you to do one thing for the rest of your life, or have just one hobby. You have your whole life to live. And I honestly wish I could say I expect people to understand this for me, too, but the reality is people still don't. Societal standards and the status quo hasn’t budged much in the last few generations.

That isn't to say it's impossible. Oh helllllll no!

This is the best generation to live in because we live in a time where being a multi-hyphenate is possible. What's a multi-hyphenate you ask?

A multi-hyphenate is someone with multiple skills or multiple professions.

So the idea is, you can do anything you want to do. You don’t have to put yourself in a box. If you start something and you realize it isn’t for you from the gecko, that’s fine. If you realize years from then you can’t grow in this position, job, field anymore and you want to change it up, go to school, take on a new hobby, that’s amazing! Go you! Yes! You should do it! You should go after it all. And that's kind of how dreamlikediana was born.

I don't just have one dream, one goal, one hobby. I have many many things that make me up as a person, and literally sometimes I don't sleep because I'm so energized by giving my 100% to all of them. I look back not to feel sad about what I missed out on, but to see how far I've come. I couldn't be prouder of myself, but I'm still just getting started.

And I hope you'll join this adventure with me!

Every experience big or small is a story waiting to be told. And I have so many stories from so many experiences, good and bad, but you know what? They all helped me evolve to the person I am today.

We all see the same sky, but it's what we see in the sky that makes us different.
Remember, dream like ♥Diana.

Dreams I've Accomplished:
Attained a GPA of 3.5 or higher
Attained an IST minor
Came out of my shell and became more extroverted more "me"
Changed and transformed as a person
Graduated with a BA degree in 2 years
Grown out my nails and kept them healthy, bite-free, for 6 months
Loved a job & its environment that it felt like a 2nd home
Proved to myself that I am worth it
Started to accept and love myself, my journey, as I am in the moment
Traveled to Japan
Traveled to Japan a 2nd time, planned my own trip, and stayed for a month
Dreams Yet To Accomplish
Accomplish everything on my 10-year vision board
Be able to afford a Maserati or a Lambo huracan one day
Be happy
Become a magical girl. 魔法少女になりたい
Build my own house (not like my handiwork, but my ideas and pay someone to design and build it for me)
Do everything on my bucket list so I have no regrets
Get my doctorate degree in my field of study
Have a successful and positive digital footprint
Have my own family one day
Learn the culture from natives of each country I visit, respectfully
Live/Lived a successful purposeful life
Made enough choices that I have actually regretted to know that I've lived in the present
Open up a cafe
Spend a few months each in New Zealand, Scotland, and Singapore
TED Talk speaker
To feel that I've lived a purposeful and successful life
Study abroad for grad school
To design my own planner, turn it into a product, and launch it
To write and publish a Young Adult/New Adult novel
YA/NA Best Selling Author