• Lavendaire is actually a talented, successful young woman named Aileen Xu. She’s a content creator in the niches of personal growth and lifestyle design with over a million subscribers on YouTube. Aileen has her own website and product line that correlates with her Lavendaire brand design. If you notice, a lot of the colors she offers in her products are all light and bright. 

  • Originally, Aileen started out like any of us, lost, unsure, and just trying to figure it out. I relate a lot to Aileen because her parents were also immigrants, old school, and just pushing for any job. That art is not a job, and any job is better than going after your dreams or what sets your soul on fire. Nonetheless, Aileen persisted and created her dream life, and now she too helps others do the same.

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Passion Planner
  • I've been using Passion Planner for over 4 years now. I've come to accumulate a wide variety of Passion Planner products. I've also had the pleasure of using all 3 sizes that they offer.

  • Passion Planner was created by Angelia Trinidad fresh out of college, and unsure of what to do next. Life after college isn't so linear, and that's how Passion Planner was born. It's an organizational tool that helps people take control of their lives and focuses on what really matters. Beyond that, Passion Planner has a great community and social awareness. They have multiple programs where they help the community, help the environment, and give back in general. Each planner you buy benefits a cause. 

  • Passion Planner is one of the few brands that offer free digital downloads, and also a free PDF version of all their planners. You can try it before you buy. 

  • Their community, culture, and overall brand are something I wholeheartedly believe and support in.

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  • I follow a lot of artists on Instagram, but can't always support every single one because it would burn a hole in my pocket.

  • That's where StickiiClub comes in! They are a small team of women and an AAPI-owned small business that collaborates with indie artists to deliver unique stickers and stationery every month with three different styles to choose from: Cute, Vintage, and Pop. A portion of the sales goes directly back to the artist.

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Amazon Finds
  • Let's face it! We all use Amazon at one point or another.

  • I have compiled a list of tried and true items I have bought on Amazon and use in my daily life. I do not list anything I don't like or don't use. If at any point you like what you see, consider buying from my affiliate shop.

  • What you get: In all honesty, I can't offer you coupon codes or sales like I can with all the other affiliates I am partnered with. All I can offer you is some solstice that the items I have listed are items I use or have gifted to a family member that uses them.

  • What I get if you do: I make up to 10% commission, but usually, I don't make the full percentage.

UPDATED: 11/22/2022

☆As a disclaimer, I'd like you to know that I don't sign up for affiliates that I don't believe in. Affiliate links that I do have will be from brands or websites that I already use and have used prior. If you have any questions regarding a website or brand I promote, comment on one of my posts. Let me know. I'm very willing to go into detail about why I like and support them. Sometimes I maybe a little bit more passionate about one brand over another, but I want you all to know I am picky in who I support and promote. I'm trying to build an authentic audience that trusts me. I don't mind receiving free goods, but it doesn't mean I will definitely promote. I do my research, and I'm picky