"Let the Adulting Begin" A planner for teenagers or not?

holding up "let the adulting begin" daily planner from target by greenroom made on recycled in front of my PC. it's a cute fun looking planner.

Saw this really cute planner in Target the other day, and took a photo snap. So many people inquired about the planner itself, so I went back to get it to churn some more content out of it. Here is my detailed review.

What’s Inside

The first few pages are:

  • The sticker sheet
  • This journal belongs to
  • The week ahead 
  • Followed by 7 days worth of spreads, for a total of 5 weeks' worth. 

In the daily section, you have: 

  • Morning
  • Today’s plan
  • My busy day
  • Evening
  • 2 note-taking pages, 1 lined 1 dot grid.
note taking pages in the "let the adulting begin" planner

Let's talk about what I do like first:

  • I love the stickers it came with. There is just one sheet but they're really cute!
  • The week ahead is really cute! I think it's great and suitable for anyone!
  • Morning page & evening page have really good focuses.
  • In general, the overall design & layout is really cute.
  • Lastly, the 2 note-taking pages, are and can be helpful for brain dumps or whatever.
awesome adulting first page sticker sheet in the "let the adulting begin" guided journal daily planner. very cute, kawaii esque, stickers

Now here comes what I REALLY have to say about it.

Most daily planners are like 3 months' worth because there’s a max number of pages a planner can or book of any sort can hold. Especially if you want good paper quality, the more pages, and the better the quality the more expensive it will run. 

Considering this is a Target brand thing, and for $7.99 it's not bad, but it's not great! 

There's no variety even though the pages are cute. It gets old if it's the same repetitive colors and images. They pretty much just copy and pasted a few times over and called it a day. Since this is what they did, they could have very well done something for 3 months, changed up the binding, and kept it at $10. It would have been more worth it because this, I wouldn't say is worth $7.99. I would give $5 max for it!

This is NOT for an actual adult, and that's where they went wrong.

Let me continue.

There's no monthly section, and I think they did that for a reason because they didn't want you to see there's only 1 month's worth of planning. This is not enough consistency for an adult who hasn't picked up a planner in their life. If this is their first-ever planner, they should have 3-months' worth of planning within it to get the habit down. Ever hear of the quote, "It takes 90 days to make or break a habit." So basically what the manufacturer is saying in an inaudible message is they're not worth 90 days if they don't pick this up by then, and if they do they're expected to chuck out $10 each time they want to continue using this planner. 

no monthly section in the "let the adulting begin" planner guided journal, only week ahead and expenses

The pages are flimsy and thin. and there's a lot of ghosting from the images printed on the other side of it, so no gel pens or pretty heavy-duty pens. no markers. none of that.

thin flimsy pages with ghosting in the "let the adulting begin" planner and guided journal

The binding is awful. it doesn't lay completely flat. the pages get stuck often. and it feels like it's going to tear.

planner binding on the "let the adulting begin" daily planner it doesn't lay flat

What it should have actually been.

This would have been SO MUCH better if it wasn't marketed towards adults. "Let the adulting begin," but instead of having the pages talk about work, they should really talk about school. They should gear it toward teenagers. helping them navigate and learn how to use a planner, and be responsible, rather than the dingy planner they get from their institute. Those never got me into planning either. 

This would have been a good planner for teenagers, but there are a few things I don't like that made me realize I wouldn't give this to a teenager:

On today's plan page, the appointments are unnecessary. The "Chores" section is good. The "To-Do List" is ehh. Again if I was gearing this to teenagers I would break up this page instead by Study, Homework, Things to Remember, Class Schedule, etc.

"morning" and "today's plan" page in the "let the adulting begin" planner guided journal thing

On my busy day page the "Priorities at Work" isn't bad. Someone could white-out “work” or put a sticker on top that said SCHOOL. "Today's Schedule" is unnecessary. I would have had it say "Chores" instead.

"my busy day" page and "evening" page in the "let the adulting begin" planner guided journal from target

Keep or return?

I have returned this. I originally bought it because I thought it was cute and would be a great planner for a teen. I have a niece that’s going to be 15 and entering high school next year. I would rather get her something better.

pulling out the "let the adulting begin" guided journal but it's actually a 5-week daily planner from target

For example, here are some great planner options for teens:

  • Amanda Rach Lee’s Doodle Planner - ($45) It’s a bullet journal method style, in the size A5, great for the on-the-go. They can color each spread to their liking. It’s undated and comes with a sticker set of its own. Has a lot of great spreads that help a teen realize having a planner is not just about having a life, but so much more. Never on sale.

  • Happy Planner Mini - ($18-23) They can add or remove whichever spreads aren’t to their liking. They can even insert their own planner pages and inserts that they find online such as the ones in my Etsy shop to track their mood, their favorite songs, etc. There are different themes, are undated, and have a great overall look, feel, and layout. If you go to Michael’s, you can use a 40% off coupon on one because they sell them there.

  • An Academic or Undated Passion Planner in the size Small (A5) or Medium (B5) - ($35) This one's more advanced. But the way I think about it, if a student has to change classes throughout the day, this is perfect for remembering his or her schedule. They can block out the times by drawing a box around them, and including the class name, and room number. For example:

    time blocking in a passion planner for classes internships or work in my very first passion planner

    This one is also for a student that has time constraints such as a job after school, volunteer hours, a club, or a sport.

    When I was a student, I liked to use the Passion Planner. I would mark out what times I had what class, what room number, and then as time went on I would use the boxes I marked out from them as notes of what we covered in class that day. They frequently run sales, especially during holidays and new launches. You can use my code DIANA2 for 10% off.

    If you're not sure if your child, teen, or student will use the planner, Passion Planner offers all their planners for free download. You can have it printed and bound at Staples for $10.

    And I'm not saying this just because I am a Passion Planner Ambassador, I'm saying this because this is most likely the way I'll go in teaching my niece how to use a planner. I'm going to have a sit-down session with her after the new Academic Planners are released in June 2022. 

But this, "Let The Adulting Begin" planner, I can see this being wasted because legit said teen said, "I don't have a life to use a planner." When you don't need to have "a life" to use a planner. 😂

Lastly, I'm really curious as to who the actual designer is. it doesn't say anything besides Greenroom. I would love to support the artist! If you know who it is, let me know.

But I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone honestly. If you’re just starting out and testing planners out, maybe, but … not really.

How about you? Would you keep this planner or return it? Let me know in the comments!

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