KITSCH Shampoo Brush + Scalp Exfoliator First Impressions

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A few weeks ago I was signing on to YouTube when the first thing I saw on my feed was a video by Dr. Dray on Scalp Exfoliation. I remember thinking to myself, “This is a thing?” The more I dived into it, I learned that scalp exfoliation and using a scalp brush can be super beneficial. Want to learn more? Want to know my first impressions? Well then, keep on reading!


Like body or facial exfoliation, scalp exfoliation has the same benefits. But you really have to be careful because scalp exfoliation may not be for you. Please watch Dr. Dray’s video to be sure if scalp exfoliation is for you.

Why do we exfoliate

We exfoliate to get rid of any build-up from products, to get rid of dead skin, and let fresh new skin come to the surface. When we do this on our bodies or faces, our skin looks brighter and healthier, right? Well, the same goes for exfoliating your scalp. Getting rid of any dead skin can help the healthy new skin come out which makes it an overall healthier environment to grow hair or restore hair health.

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So my scalp doesn’t really have any problems per se. I don’t get oily or greasy quickly. I wash my hair only 2x a week. It doesn’t feel tight or dry, compared to my hair strands sometimes. I definitely have low-density hair, that I’m trying to get a grasp on. And recently, every once in a while, I do feel a slight itch to my scalp. But like Dr. Dray’s video mentioned, it could be from a build-up of product, or in my situation, it could be the weather change mixed in with the fact I swim in chlorinated water. 

There are too many people suggesting hair growth shampoo to me, and I’m always like, “Honey, baby, sweetheart, I don’t need that.” My issue isn’t with hair growth. Its density through previous thinning. I definitely have bettered the situation, but not completely. My hair grows about an inch every month. It grows quickly. So growth isn’t the problem. 

In general, my scalp goes through a change every time there’s a new season, just like my skin. It needs to get used to whatever is going on. But it doesn’t last. So overall, my scalp health is pretty damn decent.


Full disclosure, I actually got my KITSCH Scalp Exfoliator Brush from my January 2022 ipsy glam bag. But when I did a search, the KITSCH brush is super affordable and can be bought on their site, on Amazon, and through Ulta also.

My scalp was doing something weird. I don’t know why it was acting up all of a sudden out of the blue, but it randomly started getting oily faster and it was feeling itchy. Not like a full-blown itch, but like the occasional itch here and there. This isn’t really normal for me any other time during the year, but it can be quite normal during the wintertime as my hair tries to adjust to the weather. Other than that, I figured I could possibly have some dead skin on my scalp that I could use the brush to get rid of. So I definitely feel like this came at the right time.

I also wanted to try out a scalp exfoliating brush to help work in the shampoo bar I’ve been using. I’m not sure if I’ll see more if not better or any results from adding this into my haircare routine. Time will only tell. I will say, it definitely felt like it got the product way more in there than I can do with my fingers. 

With that being said, I’m not sure what to think about the KITSCH Scalp Exfoliator Brush yet. 

Some things I did notice are:

  • It definitely felt really nice to use.
  • My scalp feels cleaner after use. 
  • No itch for weeks on end. 
  • It was a bit hard to get it into some areas.

Continuing from the last bullet point, I would highly recommend lifting the parts of your hair where it’s at its thickest to get in there. Definitely use circular motions instead of brush strokes. The circular motions felt more like a massage, and it felt really nice and relaxing. 

And I say don’t use brush strokes because I’ve done my research, and you’re not actually supposed to brush straight hair when it’s wet. 


Because it leads to more hair shedding, breaking off, getting damaged because it is at its weakest point. 

I actually stopped brushing my hair after the shower months ago. I wait until it’s 75% to fully dry before I brush it, and I’ve noticed a huge difference in the health of my hair. I’m sure people at the gym think I’m weird for brushing my hair after I blow dry and not before, but fuck them I have healthier hair thanks to it.

Anyways, when I used this to brush my hair in the shower, what do you think happened? I lost hair, of course! I lost SO MUCH HAIR. So no brushing! 

Let’s just stick to scalp exfoliation, circular motions, just on the scalp. Be careful of any earrings.

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I will say, it’s really comfortable to hold and use in the shower. I’ve seen other scalp exfoliating brushes around the internet, and they don’t look as comfortable to use. It can take some time to work it all in there. 

That’s about it with my first impressions. I definitely have enjoyed it thus far, and I’ll continue to use it to see if I notice any results through consistent use.  


As with any hair care journey, it takes weeks before you start seeing any definitive results. Therefore, 3 months from now maybe I will review my journey with the KITSCH scalp exfoliator brush once again. I’m actually looking into purchasing The Ordinary’s Multi-Peptide Serum for Hair Density, and I know this product takes 3 months before you actually see results. So the scalp exfoliation will be a must in my weekly or biweekly hair care routine if I’m using this serum directly on my scalp.

Like the haircare review before this, the results may be surprising. So you’ll just have to stick around!

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