Viori Rice Shampoo Bar & Conditioner Bar Review - 6 Months Later

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I’ve been using Viori Beauty’s rice shampoo bar & conditioner bar in the scent Hidden Waterfall for half a year now. Let’s just say I have a lot to unpack! My first impressions were amazing, but you might be surprised by my honest review. So today we are covering my hair and scalp update, six months later. Modifications I’ve made to my haircare routine.  Everything about what’s changed with Viori unbeknownst to you, the customer, and all about my second rice shampoo bars. As well as my plans for the future! Let’s unpack this bitch! Pun intended.


In my first ever post about Viori rice shampoo bars, on this site, I originally thought my hair was thinning due to chlorine. What I found out was, that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

The chlorine was making it less manageable, but I found out because of the fact I’m dealing with and have been dealing with hormonal imbalances my hair and scalp wouldn’t return to normal unless we got a handle on controlling them. 

We did. How? Birth control. 

I’ve been on birth control for the same reason, hormonal imbalances since I was 18. I started dealing with them from the second I got my period at 14 though. Even then, I remember my mom saying that it’s so abnormal and weird that my cycle was the way it was. In her mind though, she never thought or imagined bringing me to a gynecologist. And I understand, she was raised in communist Poland in the 1950s, they didn’t have that kind of help. It was more so, “Just deal with it.” But that’s not how shit works now. It was only when my friend told me that I should consider seeing a gynecologist that I did my research and made an appointment.

Anyways, I would not wish upon anyone the problems I’ve had. Even though I have been on them for so long, I’ve been told time and time again one thing: 

Our hormones are dynamic, not static. 

This means, our hormones change over time. It’s not birth control that’s the problem. It’s my hormones. Therefore, when my hormones changed and started acting up, it meant I had to find a new birth control dose that worked for me and my body. Which really isn’t the easiest thing to accomplish.

I’m also taking multivitamins now too.

You may be thinking, did anything, in particular, happen to result in hormonal change, and that answer is…

Honestly, who knows. It started just before the pandemic, honestly. It could be me getting older, it could be lifestyle factors, there’s not really telling what is really causing them to go whack. Last year, I had them under control for maybe six months at most, and then they started to go haywire on me again. So now, I’ve been dealing with hormonal imbalance since March 2021, which is the same time I started swimming. 

Lifestyle-wise, I get 8+ hours of sleep a night. I just have to, otherwise, I can’t function. I don’t drink coffee. I exercise routinely, stretch, and do strength training. Overall, I’m a very active person. I eat healthily, but I also let myself eat what I want to eat when I want to eat it. So honestly, as I said, it really could be anything, but genetically the female side of my hormones has always had horrible genetics in hormones. 

So obviously my journey with my hair is going to be vastly different from someone else because of this main factor. It could be solved after this, or I could go through an issue all over again. I won’t know what’s on the horizon until I get there! Hopefully, my hair & scalp will return to normal because it’s become huge insecurity.

A lot of people were trying to recommend that I try fast-growing hair shampoo. I don’t need to grow my hair fast. My hair already grows fast. It grows an inch every month. 

There’s a huge difference between hair growth, and trying to fix the health of your hair and scalp. 

I lost volume. My hair breaks easily. I tugged it, and it would come right out. It’s just not what it used to be. Plain and simple, so how do you fix that? 

You cut out harmful chemicals, modify the way you treat your hair, and you modify things until you start seeing progress and results. So I’m just going to leave this here, and jump into the next thing.


So the next thing I want to address is modifications I made to my haircare routine because there’s a lot that I’ve done. 

Firstly, I stopped using hair elastics that make my hairstyles feel too tight. Those I felt pulled my hair a lot. I changed to fabric elastics instead, and I’ve definitely seen no hair get stuck or pulled when putting my hair into a ponytail. That being said, I don’t do high-tight ponytails or buns anymore or as often as I used to. It was pulling my hair a lot!

I’ve had some people ask if I use a swim cap when I swim. I do not. This is mainly because my hair is so fragile right now, when I tried using one it was snapping and pulling my hair in some areas. It’s just too tight to use in my hair’s current state. 

Instead, what I do is coat my hair in this oil I purchased from Etsy before I go swimming. Therefore, the chlorine doesn’t stick to my strands when I swim. Of course, I’m using Viori’s shampoo & conditioner bar after swims which helps remove build-up, oils, and any gunk there is.

I’ve never been one to use hair sprays or heating products, so I don’t use those. I haven’t dyed my hair in over 2 years now. 

I got a trim in December 2021, nothing too crazy, just removed the deadends so my hair appears healthier now. It’s funny because, without those deadends, people think I dyed my hair. My hair gets lighter very quickly during the spring and summer, and when I trim off my deadends people think I’ve gone darker. But in reality, the winter sun is not the same as the summer sun. So my hair naturally gets darker in the winter and lighter in the summer, and cutting off the blonde deadends makes it look even darker. 

my hair color and how it changed month to month thanks to swimming and whatever else

This was my hair prior to my trim. It looks like I got it colored, but I didn't. My hair color changes quickly and easily, and Viori has always made my hair brighter, but chlorine also changes your hair color.

Going back to the oil though, I also use the oil on days when my hair needs a full hair treatment. I spread it in and massage it into my scalp. I’ll leave it on for about 4-6 hours, depending, and then go wash it out. Basically, there was a dermatologist that said that rosemary oil is really beneficial for your hair and scalp, and instead of making my own, I just rather purchase it from someone. 

What else have I modified?

I don’t rub my hair when I’m out of the shower to dry it like I used to. Rubbing your hair with a towel promotes breakage. Instead, I have a separate towel for my hair, one I have at home and one in my gym bag. Basically, I pat my hair down with it, it’s a microfiber towel wrap thingy, and then I twist up lightly and let it sit.

I let it sit for about 10-15 minutes, and then when I take it out I just leave it to air dry or blow-dry. I DO NOT brush it until my hair is over 70-75% dry. This is because hair that is wet is prone to break even more. So at the gym, I blow dry, then I brush. At home, I air dry and then I brush. 

I’ll talk about how I use the Viori rice shampoo bar & conditioner bar below as well as what results I get. I don’t want to put it here in the modifications I’ve made. 

I’m thinking this is pretty much all of the modifications I’ve made thus far in terms of my hair and scalp. Basically, I put in a lot of research because it does affect me. It’s become an insecurity of mine, and looking back on photos of my hair in December 2020, January 2021, my hair was not like this at all. It’s a huge struggle. 


So now that I’m on my second rice shampoo bar & rice conditioner bar from Viori I have some shit to say, most of which can be covered in my YouTube video here:

But to sum things up, Viori had a production change to their products without telling their customers about it.

When I asked about one of the changes, the scent, in particular, this is the message I received:

"Thanks for your patience! It does look like there was an update in the scent. With our team pushing for cleaner and more natural -as well as sustainable- ingredients, the fragrance underwent a slight change.

We apologize if there was any sort of inconvenience to the experience with our products! Other than the scent, the formula has remained consistent so far and should not affect the product's ability to perform!"

Now if you’re a new customer, you probably won’t notice a difference. But my first bar and second bar are vastly different, and the only reason I feel like I’m not going crazy is that I still have my first bar. Let’s separate this section by the first rice shampoo & conditioner bar and second rice shampoo & conditioner bar, shall we?

First Viori Rice Shampoo Bar & Rice Conditioner Bar

So my first bars arrived in August 2021, and like I’ve mentioned above, I still have them. They’re not as big but they lasted me a long time!! I saw great results from them.

  • Made my hair more manageable after swims
  • Removes any oils, build-up, and even chlorine
  • Smells divine
  • Lasted me for 5 months which is crazy because I was using just these bars alone between home and gym!
  • Lather so well!
how much i have left of my first viori shampoo bar half a year later

How much I have left of my first shampoo bar, after 5 and a half months! 2-3 Hair washes a week! Long hair!

I didn’t notice any growth or volume results. My hair did stop thinning out, but that was because I’m on a birth control method that works again. The baby hairs I have were baby hairs I had thanks to my collagen intake. I started taking collagen back in 2020. Which I know the science isn’t all that there, but as someone who has had sun poisoning before I lost collagen in those areas. Those areas became problem areas constantly erupting in hives, as soon as I started my collagen intake they’ve completely stopped being a problem. If a scientist wants to reach out to me, use my contact form!

Mainly, I loved how sustainable the bars were, how much they made my hair more manageable after swims, the scent, and the mission of the company. It’s what made me want to continue supporting them as it was also benefiting me, and the bars aren’t cheap! But I figured, in the long run, it would be worth it. I’m not so sure about that anymore.

Second Viori Rice Shampoo Bar & Rice Conditioner Bar

When I had purchased my second rice shampoo & conditioner bar there was a bit of a problem. Everything was in Hidden Waterfall's design and packaging, but it smelled heavily of a floral scent. The packaging came perfumed and it rubbed off onto the product itself.

Hidden Waterfall has more of a vanilla scent to it, or so I thought. 

When I contacted them about my product issue, they replaced the products for me, and let me keep the original rice bars even though I offered to send them back. These bars that showed up had a different scent also! They had a strong amber scent to them and once again the packaging was strongly floral scented. I didn’t see anyone else besides one other person mention the fact the packaging was scented. 

amazon reviews of viori beauty shampoo and conditioner bar

When I asked Viori they said they don’t scent their packaging, but the media team also didn’t know that their product went through a production change so I’m pretty sure they don’t know the people who are doing the packaging are scenting them before shipping them.

This leads me to what I’m about to say next!

Company, Branding, & Marketing Issues

If they don’t know what’s going on in their company, it means the teams aren’t talking to each other.

The Push for Sales

I started seeing Viori push for more and more sales than I’ve ever seen before. Which I understand, a business needs sales to continue to run. But focusing just on sales takes away from the quality of the products, the original mission of the company, and starts cutting corners just for quantity to turn a higher profit. 

Brand Partnerships and the Lack of Diversity

They were partnering up with more caucasian influencers than Asian influencers which I found odd since the recipe comes from an indigenous Asian tribe. 

I completely understand that a lot of cultures love seeing others partake in their culture and secrets to beauty, but there is a huge difference between appreciation and whatever this is. I'm not saying it is cultural appropriation, as that term is thrown around A LOT. Entirely too much when it's not that a lot of the time. 

But this, I find it to be strange because the company is constantly marketing about these Red Yao women, their faces are all over their social media and website, but they partnered with many caucasian American influencers vs Asian Americans or any other race. That is when I'm like, "This is fishy. This is odd. This is questionable. Where is the diversity?"

The Red Yao tribe reminds me a lot of the Hmong people, which is another indigenous Asian ethnicity. There is someone who is a well-known Hmong American, aka Hmong Olympic Winner, Sunisa “Suni” Lee

In general, there are so many amazing Asian American influencers, I would have loved to see more inclusivity from the brand especially since the majority of the brand is made by fellow Asian Americans. So it just seems strange to me that most of their brand deals were going to caucasian Americans. I don't want to completely put this company on blast, but it's not hard to go through their tagged list and find 20 caucasian influencers who have partnered with Viori vs the 9 who weren't caucasian. That's a large disparity. 

It would have made much more sense to do an Asian American influencer, a caucasian influencer, an African American, or a black influencer, as well as someone who is Latin derived rather than keep trying to target only and basically the rich white girl. You don't need 30 people to send the message across unless you're trying to be an MLM.

There is also a possibility that Viori outsourced their marketing and ads to an affiliate marketing firm, but there have to be drawbacks somewhere. For example, if it is in the hands of an affiliate marketing firm then it's both companies' fault for not being more strategic and precise about what message is trying to be sent across. 30 branded posts all within the same month, 20 of which are caucasian, but the recipe and messaging are from Asian ethnic groups with hidden beauty secrets. Again you don't need all 30 within a month time span. Thirty within a year seems like a lot also. 

There's a huge difference between someone who is a brand ambassador vs someone who is paid to post about a product they were sent.

For example, from personal experience, as a brand ambassador for Passion Planner. I have used their products for about 5 years now, and 2 years ago I became an ambassador. I have some following, but it's not huge. I'm not being paid to post about a fake product. I'm posting about a real product I believe in. 

While with affiliate marketing firms and these influencer firms, the lines start to skew. They don't have to use or like the product to post about it, and they get paid to share it with their following. 

Questionable Giveaways

Another thing, their recent giveaways were focused on getting sales every single day. I wonder if any of those people got anything in their package at all, I highly doubt it. Prove me wrong by commenting down below if you got something from their 12 days of giveaways during Christmas time. 

Not to mention, the TikTok giveaways were based on two people getting the most likes and the most views. Both of which the winners who won had thousands of followers already on TikTok. Many people decided not to even bother because of this. It’s not fair. It should have gone through a voting process, maybe a blind one, where the people got to choose their favorites rather than who has the most likes or the most views. Like what is this? Grade school?! Because it sounds more like a white girl’s popularity contest than anything else.

To be entirely transparent, I entered one of their previous giveaways. It was super fair in what they wanted, looked for, and how they judged. I also won second place, and my video was so-so. But I was a real human behind the screen who actually enjoyed their shampoo & conditioner bar. I still do, to an extent. Also, there were only about 7-10 of us who truly entered, and you could tell each one of us was legit for the brand.

All in all,

I think this business needs to sit down and get what they’re trying to communicate, straight.

I really wanted to get my piece about their marketing and tactics out there. It’s honest, and as someone who has had experience in strategy, social media, marketing, etc. I can put my two cents in, especially since I’ve bought from the brand twice. I’m not going around talking shit about them without having bought from them. 

seashell shaped conditioner bar

I’m far from the rich white girl that they’re trying to target all of a sudden. I’ve been in survival mode since I was 9. My parents never gave me anything, not even a phone. They said, “If you want something you work for it.” I’ve learned to work under the table since I was a child when I wanted something. I WISH I WAS FINANCIALLY FREE! And that’s something I’m working towards, but I’m not there yet. So I have a few more things to say before I wrap this all up!

First of all, I definitely feel like the second rice shampoo bar and rice conditioner bar are bigger than the first, but I can definitely tell a difference in the quality. My hair used to be much more manageable after using the conditioner bar for longer periods of time than it is now. 

The scent change is disheartening. The Hidden Waterfall scent used to be stronger on the vanilla, but now it is stronger on the amber. When researching this, amber is not a natural scent at all. This is what Viori is supposedly trying to push, for now, a more “cleaner and natural” scent. It just doesn’t make sense why they would go through a change like this.

You'd think with the stronger scent it would make your hair smell nice. On the contrary, with the first rice shampoo bar and rice conditioner bar, my hair smelled DIVINE! But with these, my hair smells like hair. If you curl your hair, and it smells a bit like that, and then you go and wash it, your hair will STILL smell like that. It doesn't leave a scent residue on your hair which defeats the whole purpose of washing your hair with this to be honest with you. You wash your hands with soap to clean it, yes, but you also choose soap based on scent. You want to smell nice, and the same goes for hair. What's the point of having a strongly scented shampoo bar when it doesn't make your hair smell nice? It's frustrating!

Thirdly, the scented packaging needs to go. Like enough said, I thought I was going to throw up from the horribly floral scents. It smelled like some twice-removed aunt who’s bougie as fuck. Not very clean and natural, if you ask me.

I think that’s about everything I wanted to mention about the rice shampoo bars and rice conditioner bars & Viori Beauty itself. 

The bamboo holder is cute. I’ve debated on buying it to keep on my shelf at home, but I’ve done thorough research about it. You have to bake it every few months to get rid of the mold. So I'd rather just stick to my plastic travel containers! Even though they’re not sustainable, I am constantly using them.

Before I go and wrap this up, let’s add some tips on how to care for your shampoo bars & conditioner bars.


  1. To make your shampoo & conditioner bars last longer, you have to keep them in a dry area after use. If they stay wet or in a moist area, they will not last as long. For this reason, I like to bring my shampoo bars into my room, open up the plastic containers I keep them in, and set them out on display on my shelf. It makes my room more fragrant, but it keeps my bars in great shape for a long time!

    make your shampoo and conditioner bar last longer by setting them out to dry

  2. When you’re running low on the conditioner bar and it’s breaking into pieces, melt it down and pour it into a silicone mold. You can also melt it down in a wax warmer if you have one. Remember to melt it on low, mix often. Do it in a well-ventilated area. Not only will this kill any bacteria living in your conditioner bar, but pouring it into a new silicone mold will give your bar a much longer lifespan than leaving it in pieces. I like to use everything to the end of its lifespan.

    melt down your extra pieces of conditioner bar and pour them into a silicone mold to reshape them!
    Meltdown your extra pieces of conditioner bar and pour them into a silicone mold to reshape them!

  3. When you’re in the shower, working in the conditioner bar, I would highly recommend bringing in a hair tie and a shower cap with you. When I let my conditioner sit on my hair for a few minutes. You’ll get results regardless of how long you keep it in for, but I find the conditioner tends to last throughout the week longer when I let it sit than when I’m just taking a quick shower. So what do you do while waiting? I shave. I cleanse my skin. Basically, anything I used to do at the beginning, I now do towards the end just so I don’t have to sit there and wonder if 3 minutes is over yet or not. 


If there’s anything, in particular, you guys want to know about in terms of these rice shampoo bars, let me know. I’ll try to answer it as best as possible. 

If you’re considering trying Viori, go for it! It’s never bad to try things out. That being said, you can't just get the rice shampoo bar and think everything is going to be happy and dandy. The rice shampoo bar has a drying side to it, no matter how long you use it for. These products were made in such a way for you to buy both, the rice shampoo bar AND the rice conditioner bar, at the same time. And they both work well enough still if you have nothing to compare it to like I did.

As I said, I was sent out a replacement bar for the bars that showed up heavily floral scented. Once I realized it was just the packaging, I threw that shit away. I’m keeping the extra bars in a safe place that won’t put them in any harm. Therefore, I do have another set of bars to use after my current ones run out, and they run out for me around 4-5 months. So essentially I have about a whole year’s worth of bars left. 

At the moment, I think I'm going to take a break from the rice shampoo bars and go back to using Lush's Rehab shampoo. It's my tried and true, and it makes my hair smell amazing and feels great after use. I've always noticed hair thickening from it as well. 

Beyond that, I don’t know. I’m also kind of interested in trying out shampoo bars from other brands unless Viori does something to change my mind again. And my mind can be changed. It’s just right now, I’m not crazy supportive of them. And that brings me to the end of my review of Viori Beauty, their bars, and my haircare routine thus far.

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