Social Media Is Boring

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There I said it. Social media IS boring. It's funny because everyone thinks they're doing something no one else is doing. They all think they're being a "real" person when they post when in reality I've heard this statement so many times. If I had a coin for every time someone said it, I would probably be financially free. Even if you try to show the "real" you, you're still going to be strategic about it to a point. Now, what does this mean?

It doesn't matter that everyone has already done everything. That does not matter! And I completely understand no one wants to see anything that's not aesthetically pleasing to look at, but that's exactly why it's so boring!

You are all doing the same thing as everyone else thinking you're doing something different. It all blends together, and I don't even know what I'm looking at anymore half the time!

People try to make themselves look like they have everything figured out 100% when it's impossible. 

It's a huge reason why I have such a hard time posting to social media! These are feelings I've had for over 10 years now. There's no escaping it. The only way a person could be different is to not post at all, but you know that's not possible when you use social media as a source of income. So what to do? What to do, indeed.

I still have all my social accounts because once upon a time when I felt like this, I deleted my old Instagram account that had thousands of followers on it. It felt freeing, but at the same time it was like, 

"So... Why did I do that again?" 

If I'm just bored, I should just delete the app off the phone and go do something else. So that's what I've been doing now. I've been spending more time reading books, manga, even Webtoons. Designing new things for myself and my store! Resting, swimming, working out, stretching, watching anime, or other shows. Just something, anything else, that takes me away from social media and the monster it has become.

I haven't logged into or checked Facebook in so long. Unfortunately, I have to keep it because I have two accounts. One for family only and one for people I know, and sometimes I don't like to give out my number so it's easier for people to get in touch with me or vice versa through Messenger. Which is an app pretty much everyone has. My family account, I just leave it there. I created it and I left it. Old heads think Facebook is the biggest thing ever right now. My family in Europe thinks it's the best thing ever and use it to stalk me, but I don't use it. So they don't get to gossip about me because there's nothing there. Nothing to tell. They also don't understand Instagram. 

In general, I made the conscious decision 4-5 years ago to stop using Facebook, delete the app, and I haven't felt the need to return to it since. I'm still surprised if anyone my age or younger ever uses that thing, even with its rebranded name it's still the same beast.

Tiktok, I also own my account still, but I deleted the app. There is a PC version of TikTok, but it's very limited in its capabilities. I just don't find myself wanting to ingest short-form content constantly. It's not benefitting me or anyone in any way, shape, or form. We save videos, sometimes favoriting them, but we don't really use the knowledge we sometimes get from those videos. So what's the point? Sometimes I show up to upload something, but even then it's few and far in between.

I truly want to continue uploading to YouTube, but mainly because I want to get better at editing and documenting. For me it was never about the views or numbers, it's all a plus, not a must. It's a privilege when someone does subscribe, push the like button, or leave a comment. It always feels nice. That instant gratification, but I know deep down it's more so if my video helps anyone out in some way, inspires them, even if it has very few views it still makes me feel good inside.

I've always loved documenting. I've been drawn to cameras since I was born! And received my first camera in kindergarten. So for me, it's something natural. 

A professional account such as LinkedIn, bored me to death so fucking much, that I deleted it. Yup! It's all gone! What is the point of people, who think I get to be a SLAVE TO THEM, stalking me and what I'm up to?! 

Why does it matter what I do in my PERSONAL TIME?! 

It shouldn't matter because it has NOTHING to do with them! 

Twitter, I've made many and deleted just as many. Tumblr exists but hasn't been touched since prior to Yahoo purchasing it.

And I just loved how Instagram used to be. When we used to post just to post. We were never really good at it. We used those Instagram filters thinking it was rad, and then VSCO became a thing. It was just easier to snap a photo of whatever and post it because we felt like it. Now it's very strategic. I think the only time we somewhat show a better fraction of ourselves is through stories, but even then it's filtered and strategic.

how instagram used to be way back when it was still new

Let's not forget Instagram reels, everyone's showing the best version of themselves and their life. Which they, and we, all think is the "real" them, but it's not. It's still a mask because 

  • not everyone looks great 100% of the time
  • every day does not look the same
  • these daily vlogs only capture a portion of the real story! 
And then you get people comparing themselves to these people who look like they're successful when in reality they're probably worse off than you are! They're just good at hiding it and being strategic about what they show!

I truly mean it when I say, 

"I've never met a woman I'd rather be." 

I've never met anyone I'd rather be in general because the portion they show themselves online is a facade. 

I've learned over time most people do everything for the gram. They don't actually own a shit ton of money, and even if they do they may be horrible at managing it. Their relationship may look amazing on screen, but is horrible off-screen. They do it so they can prove to others and themselves that they're happy, but in reality, they're not. They made something of their life come true thanks to the power of social media, but they'll never tell you what they had to sacrifice to get it. 

No one wants to see you do better than them. In the end, it's all a rats race.

I'm fond of the friendships I've made through social media, but I just hope I'm fond of them for the same reasons if I met them in person. Social media is good for a thing or two: being inspired and connecting with others. But when everyone starts to feel the same way about social media as you do, what do you do?

Seriously what do you do?

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