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2021 was a hard year. After not having a set structure in my life because things were constantly shifting under my feet and around me, I decided to invest in myself once again. So I bought the physical copy of Lavendaire’s 2022 Artist of Life workbook. Let’s take a stroll through it, shall we?

I was going back and forth on whether to buy the workbook or not, just in general. If you buy the digital workbook it’s $20, but if you buy the physical workbook it’s $38 plus you get sent a digital copy to your email. If you think about it, it makes more sense to go with this option because you're getting two products. Essentially you'd be paying $19 for each, which isn't a huge difference from the $20, but I knew I wasn't going to use the digital version much if at all. But I would have had it just in case if I needed it. 

The workbook is definitely not cheap, but it’s made so well. Therefore, it definitely feels worth it! And without a doubt, I can see this being something I am willing to pay for in the long run because of the value I get from it. Plus it's absolutely aesthetically pleasing.

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In the end, what drove it home for me was the fact things weren’t getting better for me towards the end of 2021. I was already past a million breaking points, and I had no idea what was left on the horizon. It felt like life was trying to wring me out and push me as far as it could to see if I would break. 

Nonetheless, I like to look for the learning lesson when life does stuff like this. It was all too weird to be a coincidence. Therefore, I felt like it was a sign that this is the way to get away from all of that! I know that sounds SO WEIRD, but the cover was peach and I had just redone my entire room prior to the release and it’s a peach aesthetic! Seriously, the cover matches my walls. It looks so good! ♥ RIGHT IN THE KOKORO! If you get my gist. 

To hear more about my first impression and opinions on the 2022 Artist of Life Workbook check out my video:

Lavendaire has mentioned that if you’re interested in the Artist of Life workbook, buy it now. She’s mentioned it time and time again, once they sell out (which is around May or June) they will NOT be restocking them. If you’re waiting for a sale, a sale will never come. Don’t miss out!

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