[MERCH] Year at a Glance

header image of watercolor photo highlight reel bullet journal spread flat lay in the passion planner

If there’s one thing I could teach you about using a planner or bullet journal it’s that a lot of paper bleeds. Not with everything, but depending on the mediums you use it does. Paper quality is everything, and sometimes the look you’re going for may not be possible because of the paper your planner has. To get around it? You can use an already made spread, like my watercolor photo highlight reel, to achieve what you want without the angst and damage.

When I first created this spread in my planner, I knew what I was getting myself into. Crayola Markers tend to bleed through Passion Planner if you’re using more than one layer. You may be wondering, “Who the hell does that?” Uhh, me, it’s called blending. 

So when I thought of using watercolor to make my photo highlight reel, you’re probably thinking how and that I’m crazy. Well, not really, I ended up actually creating it on cardstock which is thicker than regular paper, and inserting that into my planner. Not much mess, but it does make my planner thick!

And although my handmade photo reel spread isn’t perfect, I fell in love anyway! 

Would I do it again? No. 

watercolor photo highlight reel ready made image flat for my shop

I honestly prefer the fact I have ready-made ones. Just choose the size, print at 100%, and insert. Easy, peasy, no stress, no mess! And I can make any size of these in the future if I ever get a planner that’s not a Passion Planner. 

That being said, the ones I do carry in my shop are sized to A4, B5, and A5 which are also respectively the exact sizes for a Passion Planner Large, Medium, and Small

Each space is made to fit a 2x3 Bluetooth photo printer, and any square spaces can still be printed on 2x3 photo paper. You can crop it after or before right on your camera roll, and then print. 

There are 12 spaces total, one for each month of the year.

As an added tip, I also like to use a white Posca paint pen to add the date of my chosen highlight photo.

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