[MERCH] Nerd Alert! Comics, Manga, and Webtoons Tracker

planner journal flat lay header image of my kawaii webtoons comics and manga tracker that's being sold in my shop
Here’s the reality: I read more comics, manga, and webtoons compared to actual books. This wasn’t always the case. In recent years, my favorite way of decompressing from stress has been to read webtoons. I much rather read webtoons than 

And whatever else! I play video games, but they’re more addictive than stress-relieving. Therefore, today’s merch feature is a comics, manga, and webtoons tracker.

I designed this based off of an android phone and gave it a cute little face. Why an android phone? Because I own one. I’m quite tired of seeing, "iPhone this," and, "iPhone that." There's nothing wrong with iPhone, it's just a brand though. There are other phones out there that are just as good if not better! And the way I designed this... well it's based on my phone, a OnePlus 6t. That I paid in cash, in full, about 3 years ago. Spent about $550 because I wanted the 8gb RAM. But that is beside the point!

Since I do most of my webtoons, comics, and manga reading on my phone, I felt it made sense to design it into a phone. In fact, if I do read books I read them on my phone, digitally.

But I just have so many series of the three I read, that it’s kind of hard to pull away and read an actual chapter book. I do read chapter books though, here and there, but not like webtoons. comics, and manga.

webtoons comics and manga tracker title page get it in my shop

Anyways! The title page comes with 24 spaces. While the one without a title comes with 35 spaces. I print off the extra page, the one without a title, over and over again when I start to run out of room to write all my comics, mangas, and webtoons in. Then the ones I end up completing, in full, I color them in and mark them with a date of completion. This is why I’d recommend buying the bundle pack because you get both the title page and the extra page in one. If you purchase separately you’re spending basically 50 cents more, as all my bundles are marked so you can save some money while getting all of which I have to offer!

webtoons manga and comic book tracker extra page get it in my shop

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