[MERCH] Your Go-To Movie Tracker

planner journal flat of the instant download of the popcorn movie tracker from my shop

Do you use IMDb? How about Rotten Tomatoes? Or maybe you use the new Google Review they have going on? Or just maybe, you use all of them?! I’ve been on IMDb for years, and it’s pretty much the only one I use. Even though a lot of the users now on there are fake. A lot of people’s “reviews” that they post are laughable. I’m kind of surprised these types of websites allow such responses. Anywho, today I have a go-to movie tracker as my merch feature. Keep reading to find out what’s so special about it.

Maybe you just don’t want another social media account, but you want to track all the movies you watched in the past year. So what do you do?

Even though I use IMDb, personally, all my movies from the past year get listed on this very bullet journal and planner insert spread I created. I just print it to the size I need, insert it into my Passion Planner Medium, and have at it!

There are 3 different versions of this spread in my shop:

  1. One with a title
  2. One without a title
  3. One that is semi-colored (make sure you’re printer is using RGB and not CMYK)
flat lay photo of the instant download of my movie popcorn tracker in my passion planner

Each spread has 34 empty popcorn spaces.

When I made this spread for myself last year, it was perfect! But this past year I watched a lot more movies than most years. I have now been writing the rest of my movies into the carton of the popcorn base. 

Also, a quick tip, I rate all my movies 1 through 10. And I don’t give them all a 10 because realistically, they’re not all a 10! 

I rate based on:

  • Did I sit through the entire movie without fidgeting?
  • Did I pause at some point to look something up?
  • How were the actors acting?
  • Were the story and plotline good?
  • Was there anything cliche about the film/story?
There are only some movies and TV shows that I go on to write in-depth reviews on. Not always, it really depends if there’s a motivation to do so or not. Most just get assigned a number, and that’s that.

All in all, that sums it up.

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