Viori Beauty Hidden Waterfalls First Impressions

photo of my hair during different occasions of prior and after using viori shampoo and conditioner

I recently released a YouTube video, nothing too spectacular, just me talking in my room about my first impressions of the Viori Hidden Waterfalls Shampoo & Conditioner bar that I purchased. Also not too long ago, I released a TikTok video of me unboxing the product. Since it’s only been a few days, I just wanted to go in and talk about it a little more. 

My Hair

My natural hair color is dark brown, but my natural hair color is also light brown. It’s a matter of genes, my mom’s side of the family has really dark brown hair, sometimes almost black. While my dad’s family comes from the lighter end of the spectrum. During seasons like spring and summer, my hair lightens substantially on its own from circumstances like sunlight, saltwater, chlorine. It’s not dyed or balayage, it’s natural.

I haven’t dyed my hair since 2017, and my last haircut was in February 2019 just right before the pandemic.

When I used to get my hair done, a lot of hairstylists were always surprised and caught off guard as to how fast my hair lifts. When I warn them, a lot don’t believe me, and believe me I don’t return to anyone who doesn’t listen to me. I know my hair best.

It’s straight hair, and although it’s on the fine side now due to circumstances, it isn’t always. My hair is usually on the medium-thick side, but I’ve been swimming 2-3x a week since March 2021, and the chlorine really has been messing with my hair. I’ve tried a number of leave-in conditioners, treatments, pre-swim treatments, and nothing has worked. It has left my hair feeling like straw, impossible to brush out, and just a menace! 

My scalp is usually on the normal side, I don’t have too many problems with my hair getting too oily or too dry, but the ends of my hair are dry. SUPER DRY! But I refuse to cut it. I’ve been cutting my hair short for the last 4-5 years and I loved it, but now I love and want to keep my hair long now. An easy fix for everyone to remedy my situation is to cut it, but it wouldn’t make me unhappy and I would feel that’s a waste of money.

Besides, cutting off your dead ends won’t make them grow faster. Your hair grows at the roots, not at the ends, all you can do is treat your hair and hope it works. And if not, then the last resort is cutting it. That is indeed my last resort, I do not want to cut it until I’ve tried everything.

Lastly, I’ve been wearing tight ponytails a lot more than usual and because of that and the dryness, I’ve been losing a lot of hair. It makes my hair finer than it’s ever been. I’m noticing kind of like a bald spot forming where my hair parts in the middle. It's not as bad but it’s not great either. So I’m also in an effort to just shift away from anything damaging my hair to promote regrowth, stronger, thicker, and healthier hair. BUT I won’t stop swimming!

First Impression

I’m not sure how I stumbled upon Viori Beauty first, but it was months ago and I was intrigued. Skeptical, but intrigued, I put it at the back of my mind and went on with my life.

I was pretty much coming up to a dead end with my hair when I remembered about Viori and tried to read reviews, results, etc. but there isn’t much out there to go on. Instead, I did research about the ingredients within the products themselves. I will further go into these ingredients and their benefits in my 1-month review, so look forward to September!

Definitely felt like, well if this thing doesn’t work that means nothing else will. I rather put my hands into something made with rice because of the benefits rice has for hair. Therefore, I made my purchase for the Hidden Waterfalls shampoo & conditioner bar and opted for the subscribe & save option. You can choose the frequency, so for now I put every 90 days until I figure out how much my hair needs. Also, I tackled on an extra 15% off that I got from subscribing to their newsletter. 

I paid $23 altogether for both bars. That would be around $11.50 per bar, which really isn’t that bad. Prior to this, I was buying OGX Renewing + Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo & Conditioner in their travel size and that’s a whopping $3-4 every month and a half. It’s also a good choice for after swims, but it was giving me the results I needed. 


I’m addicted to this scent. The packaging still smells divine and the product hasn’t been in it for a week. I keep finding myself sniffing it as a way of comfort all of a sudden, and when the wind blows my hair all I can think is, “It smells so good.” 

I can’t vouch for all their scents, but the Hidden Waterfalls scent is to die for amazing. But again, it may not be for everyone. The description on the website says it’s a musky vanilla, but it smells so much better than what vanilla would smell like. I think what I’m hinting at in the scent is the jasmine, and I love the way jasmine smells. Sweet scents aren’t my forte but would kill to have this scent in a perfume, body lotion, and more.


How does this even lather? How do you make this work? All those regular questions you have, trust me, I’ve had them too. Viori has a video showing you how to use your shampoo & conditioner bar, and I watched them both before buying them and also again before using them in the shower.

The first time I showered with it, I was like, “Am I doing this right?” And after a few times of using it, you kind of get the feel for how to use it.

On that note, it lathers so well! It lathers better than some liquid shampoos that I’ve tried in the past. So easily. I’m just flabbergasted!

Does it work?

A lot of the reviews on the website have said that it makes their hair shinier. To me, I feel like it’s made my hair brighter and more vibrant. On that note, I bought it for a specific reason, to help me with my post-swimming hair, and yes it does work. I’ve only used it after my swims twice, and both times I’ve had an effortless hair care routine. 

my hair prior to viori and after the first wash which made it a lot brighter

It removes the chlorine buildup. It helps me brush out my hair easily. I’m basically already seeing results within 3 washes, and am looking forward to the progression in one month, two months, and three months from now. If all goes well, I do see myself continuing my subscribe & save option, but I think I’d have to use this product for a year to truly know if it does show results. So, therefore, there will be a review after six months and also after a full year. This means you have to join my newsletter & follow me on my socials to get that update!


So the bamboo container is a separate cost, it’s not included. The bars come in different packaging and you can see that in my TikTok video.


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I especially love the packaging the shampoo bar came in. It’s really pretty, and I keep it on my desk because it’s too nice to get rid of. Plus I can still smell the bar on it, and it smells amazing. 

Bamboo Container or No?

With that being said, as I mentioned in my TikTok video, I opted not to purchase the bamboo container. Firstly because you have to seal it so it doesn’t collect mold and you have to repeat this process every three months or so. I live at home, and my mom is very nit-picky about what goes into the oven so I just didn’t even want to bother with that ever being a dilemma. 

Also, like I mentioned in the video, I needed something that was more on the go since I’m going to be using it at home, but also I put it into my gym cube and use it in the shower at my gym. My plastic containers aren’t the prettiest or sustainable, but they work and I’m going to keep using them.

What else am I doing for my hair?

Obviously, I’m not just leaving it all up to these bars. I changed my hair ties to fabric ones. They’re more gentle and don’t pull on the hair. I’ve opted for a light braid when I swim instead of a ponytail. When sealing in the conditioner I rinse with cool to cold water. Every day I drink collagen powder in either a smoothie, cappuccino, or something. Lastly, I sleep with a loose braid in my hair to keep my hair from knotting or tangling while I sleep. 

To really get the results I want, healthy, strong, soft, luscious, thick hair again, I have to go the extra mile and change things up. You can’t just leave it up to luck. And I know a lot of what I was doing before, just being lazy with it, was damaging it.

Key Takeaway

Within one week I’m already seeing some awesome results and am definitely finding it’s well worth the price tag. I am looking forward to seeing the progression and continue taking photos and videos of how my hair changes a little each time with every wash. But since this is hair, it will be a journey which means many more posts and updates to follow. 

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