Philadelphia, PA, USA

[NOTE] No Post This Week

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Hey friends~ I hate to do this but I have no post for you this week. I did have one scheduled, another freebie, but I couldn't get a flat lay photo done in time. I took a nasty fall the other week off my stairs, landed sideways on my foot, and sustained a closed non-displaced 5the metatarsal fracture. That basically means, I fractured a bone connected to my pinky toe, it never went through the skin, and my bones are still aligned. Which is a good thing. The other good news is, I am not in a lot of pain, but keeping my feet down on the ground leads to stiffness and swelling which then leads to pain, manageable pain, but still pain.

I've honestly been having a bad streak of luck since 2021 started, on top of an injured foot my tv broke, and I have a nasty rash on the SAME foot. Don't get me started on it though, I know what it's from I just need time to get rid of it.

Luckily I'm in a walking boot and not a cast, but I am non-weight bearing, which means I cannot put any weight onto my foot whatsoever. I've been getting around by scooting on my ass on the floor, up and down the steps, and hopping on one foot when I can. I have crutches, but they’re pointless when your house is an obstacle course full of furniture at every step. It gets exhausting, but now my other leg has grown a substantial amount of muscle in the little time that I've been hobbling around. I'm trying not to overdo it and break my other foot in the process.

Anyways, I tried to get as much done as physically possible, but right now I'm absolutely defeated. I'm exhausted, and I'm tired. I'm super backed up on work and other projects during this time, but all I can do is slow my pace and focus on getting better. Hey, this will make a nice story and life lesson on personal development later down the line.

The other day I got really upset that we expect one another to be fake and act like everything is okay all the time when it’s not. Self-care and mental health may be in the media but it’s still not normalized. They are a part of our personal development. I had someone tell me, “personal life doesn’t deserve to be on social media,” and my answer to that was...

You’re personal life shouldn’t be on social media answer

I don’t want to be fake, act fake, or make people believe our mental health and what we are going through somehow doesn’t belong on the internet. It does. It takes our voices, speaking out, to help normalize and make this change we want to see. As you can tell from the photo above, everything you like, dislike, or post has to do with your personal life and your feelings but yet those are normal but talking about how we’re doing or if we’re hurt, is not? It’s the 21st century, and we need to do better! It’s time to wake up. 

That being said, this blog will never be about "cancel culture" or ranting about our lives but purely about what goes into personal development, lifestyle, and divergent education. And mental health, self-care, is a big portion of that! Right now, as I’m writing this, I’m having a good foot day, but that isn’t to say this hasn’t been a challenge. 

When this post goes out, I'll be heading to see an Orthopedic surgeon to get further details on my foot. What sucks is, it's on my dominant foot and therefore am constantly in the care of others. It’s not in my nature, nor what was embedded into me as a child to be cared for. To ask for help. To be human and humane. Yet, here I am, showing up, asking for help, asking for you all to understand. 

I really wanted to be able to keep up with having a schedule, but I can't put myself out and make things potentially worse just to get something out that I feel is rushed. I wrote this from my phone in hopes you all understand where I'm coming from, shit happens, especially when you have other plans. I can't even take myself to the doctors! My friend has to take me because I injured the toe on my driving foot! And my family members all have work and can't take off to help me, but my friend said since she's unemployed and bored at home she'll help me out. What a lifesaver!!

Anyways, I'm hoping to be able to resume posts again soon! I will update this post with what the doctor says. Not going to lie I really needed a much-needed break, so I might as well enjoy it also.

Until next time, take care and watch your step! I literally didn't. Lmfao, too soon?


BEST NEWS EVER! Best case scenario ever! Basically, the urgent care doctor misdiagnosed me, which I read on Reddit happens A LOT. If you're a doctor, please don't make guesses as to what a person could possibly have. This doc legit told me I might have a Jones fracture, which is super serious. The orthopedic was like, no, you have a very small crack. You don't need the crutches, you can already begin walking again. Follow up with me in 2 weeks to make sure it's healing, and then the boot will come off.

How it went from an urgent care doctor guessing as to what it could be and then the specialist being like, no... is wild. But there's a huge danger in telling someone that they could probably have this thing that they actually don't. For days on end, I was searching for answers on Google about it. That's not okay, I rather just have known, "closed non-displaced 5th metatarsal fracture" it doesn't need the whole, "It might be a Jones fracture," line in it. 5th metatarsal fracture is fine, if you Google it, a basic one isn't a big deal. 4 weeks of healing time. 

The swelling, bruising, and stiffness still bugs me but the Orthopedic doctor just said it's just blood pooling still so I'm still going to take it easy. Rest a lot, sleep as much as possible. I didn't sleep a wink last night expecting the worst-case scenario. But I should be able to hop back into my regular schedule pretty soon! 

But yeah I'm walking, slowly, and like a penguin or a pirate with a peg leg but I'm walking! That just takes a huge weight off my leg and shoulders. I don't know how disabled people do it! So damn thankful.