[VIDEO] Minimal Vision Board in a Passion Planner

When I was making this voice-over, to this video, I was really mulling over the idea of stepping away from blogging. Not entirely, but switching it up a bit. Moving away from the written word and moving into visual storytelling.Believe it or not, I find a lot of joy in video editing and filming in …

Creating a vision board that works

Hello Protagonist, how are you? How are you feeling? How has this month or the start of the year treated you? Last month, I released a freebie to help you get clear on the goals and what you wanted for 2021. This time, I want you to focus on a visual representation of those goals and manifestations…

29 Life Lessons I Learned by 29

birthday cake with candles spelling out happy birthday

My birthday is tomorrow, February 2, specifically at 12:34 PM. Most people, when they take one look at me, they don’t see 29. They see a babyface and think maybe 16 at most 22, but when I start talking they’re like, “You don’t talk like a teenager or like a young adult.” I guess that was just from the fact I had to grow up so quick. But honestly, it’s what made me, me. I’m so proud of all I’ve been through and to commemorate before I turn 30 here are 29 life lessons I learned by 29.