[VIDEO] How to memory keep in a planner

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It's getting to be a little hard to keep my updating my videos into my posts or publishing blog posts in general. Not that I'm running out of ideas,

but rather because I've been struggling with an ongoing sinus infection since October. To date, I've been on antibiotics three times, and it only lasts a short while. I do have an appointment, with a specialist, but due to COVID it's still 2 months out. So it's really a struggle to get videos out, done, get inspired, stay motivated, or just do anything work in general because I have been running at 65% of my usual self on good days, and 40% of myself on bad ones. I try not to let anything else affect me though and have a good mindset about things in general, but it gets hard because it takes a serious toll and I'm always exhausted from the constant pain.

This is another reason why I won't be putting out planner videos as much anymore. They take a lot of work to make and I don't find them as enjoyable anymore. I do still have a few others I want to, but I want to break it up. I don't always want to be posting the same things, especially when I'm not entirely sure what type of videos bring me joy. Making videos is no walk in the park, so I should at least enjoy what it is I'm making, and therefore completely understand if you don't subscribe to my YouTube channel. I'm still finding my voice in all that's going on. 

But this is a video that's a long time in the making, and something I'm proud to show how I do. How to memory keep in a planner, specifically a Passion Planner.

Also, just a reminder you can use my code DIANAS719 at checkout for 10% off your entire order at passionplanner.com

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How to memory keep in a planner