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[FREEBIE] Favorite Teas Bullet Journal Spread


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♪For every time is tea time, if you set your clock to ME-time!♫ I was going through my teas one day, and honestly, I didn't know what I had. My mom and I kind of always fight over the tea cupboard. She likes to organize hers to the very front, and puts mine in the far back. But then she expects me to pull out my teas like jenga blocks. It makes no sense. I always organize our most used teas, hers and mine, to the front, and the ones we don't use all that often towards the back. For some reason, she can't leave them be.

I ended up going through my entire tea collection, and removing ones I don't use as much or ones I'm running out of from their boxes and moving them into plastic baggies. Also, I wrote down what I had, and how much I had left of each. Which is how I came up with this bullet journal spread. That way, I can track all my favorite teas or the current teas I own, how many tea bags I have left, etc. 

File it comes with:

  • 1 PDF
  • Letter-sized (8.5"x11")
  • Good Quality
  • Conspicuous trademark

A little more info:

  • 8 blank tea bags
  • Kawaii tea mug
  • Lots to color-in

Ideas of How to Use It:

  • Teas you own
  • Different types of tea names
  • Tea organization and how much you have left
  • Favorite teas
  • Specialty teas

All bullet journal spreads are hand-drawn with love. I make sure to test them all so they're up to snuff!

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