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Back a few months ago I made a video on a half-year look of the Artist of Life workbook by Lavendaire. I swore up and down about its amazing qualities, and it was amazing until it wasn’t anymore.

Looking ahead you will find just about everything there is to know about Lavendaire and her Artist of Life workbook, as well as some other tidbits! This is just my side of things, just how life turned out.

Who is Lavendaire?

Lavendaire is actually a talented, successful young woman named Aileen Xu. She’s a content creator in personal growth and lifestyle design with over a million subscribers on YouTube. Aileen has her own website and product line that correlates with her Lavendaire brand design. If you notice, a lot of the colors she offers in her products are all light and bright. 

Originally, Aileen started out like any of us, lost unsure, and just trying to figure it out. I relate a lot to Aileen because her parents were also immigrants, old school, and just pushing for any job. That art is not a job, and any job is better than going after your dreams or what sets your soul on fire. Nonetheless, Aileen persisted and created her dream life, and now she too helps others do the same.

What is the Artist of Life Workbook?

The Artist of Life workbook is a mix between journal and planner. This isn’t to be confused with Lavendaire’s daily planner, but there are some planning capabilities to the Artist of Life workbook. If you check out my original video, you’ll see what I mean by the planning side of things.

Moreover, the workbook has many different ways of focusing on one’s goals, getting your life together, being as intentional as possible for not just the year but really putting in baby steps for the dream life you want. 

artist of life workbook

It’s a fresh take to other goal-setting planners. It is offered in both a physical version and a digital version.

What helped

Looking back, things that are new always seem so shiny. I love getting my hands on something new to try, whether it’s a gadget, a planner, or whatever! Marveling at something new, getting my hands dirty, figuring out what makes it work, it’s the fun of newness! 

2019 was not my year. You’d think 2020 was bad, but for me, 2019 was way worse! Beyond that, just really taking the time to go through things and add my own personalization to the digital version of the workbook was one of the things that allowed me to come back to it every time.

artist of life workbook personalization

It’s one of the things I tell people when they tell me, “I wish I could be into planning like you are.” You totally can! You don’t have to be all out like I am, but you put in baby steps. You make it as appealing to you as you want it to be. We have all the time we need in a day to put towards something we want or desire. Saying things like, “I wish…” is an excuse. In reality, you’re probably using the time spending it on social media instead of doing something that benefits you or something you have been wanting to do. 

Trust me, I get it! I spend my time watching Netflix instead of tackling my extensive game collection, and I beat myself up over it just like any other person. Eventually, I’ll stop telling myself, “I don’t feel like it” or looking for an excuse and do it and really make the time for it because it’s important to me.

What else worked? Or rather I should say, what helped.

  • Writing out 2-3 main goals for the year
  • Room goals (aka Home goals but I still live with my parents so room goals)
  • About Me page (my values, passion, strengths, and motivations)
  • Success to me is...
  • Prioritizing Self-Care page
  • Designing Habits page
  • Health Goals page
  • Why my goals are important to me, typical excuses, how I will stay committed page
  • On Fear page
  • Separating goals by major and minor
  • This month will be…
  • This month was…
  • Reviews/reflections after each quarter
  • Current Me vs Future Me
  • Vision Board activity
  • Theme of the Year activity
  • Creative Goals Page

What didn’t help/What I didn’t like

My first pet peeve is that certain sections were in different places, and still are in the 2021 version, and I felt like it had no particular organization. For example, career goals are near the beginning of the goals section, but money goals were toward the end. For me, I feel like yes these are all goals but if I’m already focusing on career goals I should also focus on money goals, and maybe adventure goals, at the same time. Why adventure goals? Because a lot of adventures rely on money, and I would include a section where the user should research their adventures and include spending or estimations on how much the adventure will cost them. 

artist of life workbook

Thankfully, having the digital version, I was able to move things around by myself. If I was in the print version, I probably would have been irked more. To some, this may not be a big deal, but I really like a planner with a good amount of structure. It just makes more sense to organize certain areas together rather than apart. It’s almost like task batching in a way if you think about it.

Nonetheless, I filled in everything in the workbook, but it took a lot of time to get through every bit because of how deep you have to reflect on some areas in your life. This isn’t a bad thing at all, but I felt like certain sections didn’t work for me or didn’t help because the questions were either too vague or didn’t hone in on them or get clear enough. Some of the sections that I felt about this are:

  • Spiritual Goals
  • Relationship Goals
  • Money Goals
  • Career Goals
  • Journal Prompts page
  • My Power Mantra page
  • Bucket List Page
  • My Ideal World

Moreover, another thing that wasn’t a big deal, but something I didn’t like was the blank boxes. To clarify, there were no lines or dot grid. If you’re like me and cannot write in a straight line to save your life, going through to line everything is tedious. I feel like a dot grid would be a nice medium to solve this where people can choose whether they want to use it or not.

Lastly, I added a calendar view to the workbook because even though I was adding certain dates to my own personal planner, I also wanted to see things in advance in the workbook itself.

What I absolutely loved

For the first half of the year, it was a great way for me to dissect overall goals, break them down, and figure out what to focus on. I felt like this was a big thing that Passion Planner was missing. 

There was so much progress that I made thanks to this! And for a good amount of time, I knew what I wanted and acted on it. I’ve completed a lot in the last 5 years, but to take action on other aspects of my life that I kept putting off was such a game-changer.

artist of life workbook

So even though a lot of things didn’t work well for me, a lot also did. Just constantly going back to reflect on those particular ones is the reason I can honestly say to someone if you’re interested in it definitely try it out! The digital version is only $20, and you can print it out and put it in a binder if you don’t have an app to use it with.

I firmly believe that a lot of the lessons I learned and picked up on are thanks to this workbook.

Why I stopped using it

When I last talked about the Artist of Life workbook, I was calling it the ultimate way of getting your shit together. It helped in so many ways, but then it started to fall short towards the middle of my third quarter. 

At some point, around that time, it felt too rigid for me to allow myself to shift my goals, intentions, and more. 2020 has been interesting, to say the least, but there should always be room for a way to completely change your mind on things. It happens, that’s life, things change. Every time I think I have life figured out, it throws me a curveball, like, “Nope bitch. Try again. Haha!” And then again, I’m scrambling like I’m chicken without its head to figure out what it is I’m doing or trying to do. 

A lot of which I wrote down in the beginning, doesn’t even pertain to me anymore. So yeah the option would be to redo it all from the beginning again in 2021, but as I mentioned above, a lot doesn’t hit home for me either. For the most part, I know what it is I don’t want, but I feel like the workbook doesn’t ask the right questions sometimes. That’s why I stopped using it.

What I’m taking with me into the future

Moving forward, I will not be purchasing the 2021 version of the Artist of Life workbook. I usually do like to try something 3 times before I truly make up my mind about it, but in this case, I don’t think it would benefit me in the way that I need it to. But also because of the pandemic, I just can't afford to be putting out money where I don't need to. Definitely will revisit it again for the year 2022, but for now, I’m taking a break from it.

I know if you're a huge LaviLove, like I am, you may be thinking, "The digital is only $20." But believe me, if I had that money I would definitely go for it! I just don't. The amount of random expenses that have popped up in recent times is overwhelming, and I have to prioritize what's important over what's not. Unfortunately, the 2021 Artist of Life workbook isn't a necessity it's just a want. 

I've always wanted to try my own hand at making something that fits my needs a little more, but also turn it into a freebie. Therefore, I’m probably going to set up and make my own goal setting workbook and try to get clear in the areas that I felt were too vague. As well as include anything that I feel may be beneficial, like a way to shift when times change. 

I saw too many people throwing away their planners in 2020 because somehow 2020 was canceled or over. Yes, a lot happened, but you shouldn’t have to throw away a planner just because something like 2020 happens. There should be a way to take what you need and leave the rest behind. The Artist of Life workbook definitely came into my life when I needed it, but when I became lost again it wasn't the thing for me to turn to... my Passion Planner was. Sorry, Aileen! ♥

Even though I wasn’t doing what I originally intended to, I still had stuff going on. I had to do laundry, cook, etc. there was no task essentially that was too small. Instead of tracking to-do lists, I was tracking things I did that day. So you see, there has to be a way to give a person room to grow like a tree, in all sorts of directions. Life is not linear at all!

artist of life workbook

Wrapping it up!

Not every experience has to be a positive one, and even if things were great in the beginning it doesn’t mean things will always stay the same. Although the Artist of Life workbook was super helpful in many ways during a time when I was transitioning away from a hard year and had lost a complete sense of self, it wasn’t what I needed to truly level up and grow in my life.

artist of life workbook

I have without a doubt that I will continue to follow Lavendaire and her journey, as well as try to create my own dream life while inspiring others to do the same. But everything takes time and is a process.

I’m thankful every day for giving myself the chance of investing in myself and giving it a shot, and going forward I have a much stronger head on my shoulders. Ultimately, this isn’t something I need in 2021 and will be saying good-bye to it for now. 

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