Reflecting on 2020 + Freebie [A Protagonist's Sky Intro]

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After I finished writing up the reviews of Ali Edward’s One Little Word workshop and Lavendaire’s Artist of Life Workbook (which will be released in a week), I was left feeling empty. I wanted a way, that resonated with what I needed, to not only reflect on the year but also a way to bring my new goals and word of the year to life. That’s when A Protagonist’s Sky was born.

How To Make Your Own Passion Planner Stickers

I honestly once thought I needed to be super creative to design planner stickers, or that it was some advanced technique. It really isn’t, some information is out there, but not that much. You don’t need to pay for anything, you don’t even need a machine to cut them out for you. You just need to start, and this is how.

[REVIEW] One Little Word Workshop

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If you asked me about a year ago if I recommended Ali EdwardsOne Little Word workshop, I would have said absolutely! Now, it depends.

But before I get into all that, let’s back it up, shall we?

[FREEBIE] Manga and Comics Tracker | Bullet Journal Spread

webtoons manga comics bullet journal spread tracker modeled off of oneplus 6t phones in my passion planner

Do you read manga or comics? I mean I do, I read so many Webtoons. If you've never heard of Webtoons you are missing out! Oh my god! Especially if you are into comics and manga like I am. I came up with this way of tracking all my webtoons and manga in the back of my Passion Planner efficiently. Sometimes it's hard to see what you're reading through the Webtoons app itself, and it doesn't show up in places like MyAnimeList or AniList because they're originals made by people like you and me. Beyond that, you can use this to track manga you're currently reading also. 

[VIDEO] Passion Planner Academic Medium Flip-Through

Remember the people who use you and break you down at your lowest, those people aren't for you. I've gone through plenty of those fraudelent-like people in 2019. Believe it or not, 2020 was my best year. 2019 was the impostor. Have you ever had an identity crisis? What did you do?
When I was…