[VIDEO] Plan With Me Passion Planner October Reflection

passion planner plan with me october monthly reflection header image made in canva

Journaling isn't for everyone, period. Just like one size doesn't fit all. Today I'm showing you how I reflect on my month in my Passion Planner. 

Usually, Passion Planner includes a monthly reflection for you, but it never quite stuck well with me or worked for me. I'm a visual person. Therefore, I just like to look back on the results of the month. This way, it's never redundant, always something new and fresh, and the creativity always keeps me going!

Let me know in the comments below, how you like to reflect on your month? Do you use a journaling method? Do you use what Passion Planner already has? Or did you come up with your own way to reflect back? I'm curious to know!

Also, remember, I'm a Passion Planner Ambassador. No, I don't receive free planners or free things, but I do love Passion Planner to the extent of constantly talking about it. In this case, if you use my code DIANA2 at checkout you'll get 10% off your order.

Currently, Passion Planner will be having a huge 75% off sale, site-wide, from November 19th - 23rd.

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plan with me october reflection