[VIDEO] Current Passion Planner Setup

passion planner current setup set up header image made in canva

Have you ever noticed that when I like to plan I like to mix and incorporate bullet journal elements with a structured planner like the Passion Planner?

That's just how I tend to think, and today I'm showing you my current Passion Planner set up. There's a little bit here for everyone, whether you like minimalism, creative designs, or bullet journaling I'm sure you'll find inspiration for what to do next.

Let me know which of the spreads in the video, you liked the most in the comments below. 

Also, remember, I'm a Passion Planner Ambassador. No, I don't receive free planners or free things, but I do love Passion Planner to the extent of constantly talking about it. In this case, if you use my code DIANA719 at checkout you'll get 10% off your order.

Currently, Passion Planner will be having a huge 75% off sale, site-wide, from November 19th - 23rd.

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Current Passion Planner Setup