[VIDEO] Is the Passion Planner Digital Daily Worth It?

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Is the Passion Planner Digital Daily worth it? That depends.

I ended up getting it personally because I feel for those extra busy days I could use it for more storage of what's going on, or I can use it as a new moon/full moon journal and to-do list. At the same time, I eventually want to create my own planner that is interactive but I want it available on all platforms not just Apple iPad. Therefore, eventually, I would have had to buy a digital planner of some sort to figure out how it works.

With the current Passion Planner sale (from November 19th - November 23rd), a coupon code (use DIANA719 for an extra 10% off at checkout), and my pre-existing gift card I was able to mark down the Passion planner digital to a doable price. 

They say in the FAQ that they want you to buy the 4 cover bundle and a new digital planner each year, but honestly, with some photos, creativity, and the basic know-how, you don't have to buy one every year. 

I never would. 

I'm a one and done digital person. Now a physical planner, yes I would, and do, buy one every year. But that's a huge difference between a physical and a digital planner. 

With a digital planner, there are ways to make a digital planner work for you without constantly buying a new one every year. For example: 

  • You can find free png elements on Google
  • You can crop down existing photos right within a lot of apps and use those as stickers
  • You can duplicate pages, delete pages, add new pages

Therefore, I would suggest hopping on this sale and buying a digital undated planner and then you can use it forever. I eventually will have freebies you can use in Passion Planner's digital versions of their planners, but I will also make sets to sell on Etsy for an affordable price. Why? Because there's a lot about it that I don't like, that I show and explain in the video.

Just a quick recap of what I don't like:

  • {S M T W T F S} at the top of the page are all hyperlinked. For someone like myself who won't be using it all the time, I find this a waste and pointless. It's not the end of the world because I can find the day I need to move it around, delete the others, duplicate, etc. But still, I would rather mark myself what day I'm using it for. 

  • You can't break or remove things that are already linked. I wish you can change some of the links around yourself from within the app, but that's not possible. I would have to probably do it in another external program. One that reads an interactive PDF file.

  • I don't like how it's months first, then self-care check-in, then 7 daily pages. Not an issue, I can move it around to meet my needs easily as shown in the video. It's just time consuming and tedious.

  • Speaking of tedious, to mark all the tabs on the right-hand side so they're always noted you have to fill them in the first page and then copy and paste it on every page. So the Passion Planner digital daily has over 100 pages, therefore you need to paste and align it over 100 times. This is the same if you're using the digital weekly planner or any digital planner.

  • The self-care check-in, I would have thought it goes at the end of the month but it seems it's set up in a way that goes at the beginning which throws me off. I would feel it would be best to have a self-care check-in for the beginning of the month and at the end of the month.

  • I don't think I'd use the months much in general either. I don't see it getting much use out of it unless I figure out a way to combine the Artist of Life workbook with my Passion Planner digital daily. At the moment, I have stopped using the AoL workbook by Lavendaire.

All in all, it was just fun to grab and play with regardless. As I mentioned in the video, I'm kind of a nerd when it comes to tech and the whole interactive planner made me so curious as to how and what's possible. I guess this is why I get hired to learn programs and create tutorials for them because figuring out how things work is kind of my thing. I love a good challenge. I've always been into puzzles. 

Lastly, you get one digital sticker book with the Passion Planner digital daily, which is pretty awesome. But it's not hard to grab images from the internet and use anything as stickers. I'd hate to continue constantly be making planner videos for people, but just to cover all my bases I'd like to show what's possible with it. Since honestly, I created my vision board on GoodNotes by cropping things out of their original photos. 

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