5 Trackers Your Planner Needs

Planning may seem like a rigid structure, but life always happens and therefore we have to be fluid. We have to be able to shift when life shifts. Today I’m bringing you 5 trackers your planner needs,

whether you’re in a Passion Planner, a bullet journal, or something entirely else. I’m sure you can find somewhere to incorporate this addition. 

1. Self-Care Reflection

self-care reflection passion planner freebie free download insert for your planner

The first tracker your planner needs is a Self-Care Reflection spread. I have been wanting a go-to self-care bullet journal spread for an incredibly long time. Not only have I never got around to making one, but every time I tried it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to. Passion Planner is heaven-sent for this perfect self-care reflection and go-to kit. I went the extra mile and added some washi tape, some stickers, and it really brightened my mood. Absolutely a must in everyone’s planner! Why? Because we don’t always have the best of best days, and that’s completely normal. 

Recently, I went through a lot of bullshit. There’s no easy way to say it, 2020 has been testing everyone’s patience, but recently I just felt so down on myself, unmotivated, and overwhelmed. I felt like I wasted my time towards something I put 9 months into. It felt awful. The anger, the grief, the what if’s, it was never-ending. Even now, it’s kind of hard to write this because it doesn’t feel like me, I don’t feel 100% motivated to write even though I really want to write this. But I’m pushing through because this is the only sense of normalcy I have right now. 

During this time period though, I would let myself fill in the blanks in my head. I watched my favorite feel-good movie, and something I’ve watched a million times. I repeated affirmations and mantras I wrote down. I don’t know how I survived any and every rut I’ve been in without this. 

You can download it for free right here.

2. Year at a Glance

year at a glance passion planner freebie free download insert for your planner

Next, we have a Year at a Glance, also can be known as Yearly Overview, spread, and this is something new I’ve also incorporated into my Passion Planner this year. The only downside is it’s already dated January to December, while I’m using an Academic Passion Planner that’s from August to July. No matter, it’s still an excellent addition. I use their 1-year glance and half a year glance for the following year. 

For the 1-year glance, I did all of 2020 and filled it in with birthdays, new moons, full moons, anything important, holidays, etc. The half a year glance into 2021, I haven’t filled in yet. I will fill it in when January 2021 gets closer. 

You can download it free right here.

3. Year in Pixels

year in pixels mood passion planner freebie free download insert for your planner

Three! Year in Pixels spread is the next spread your planner needs. I’ve tried so many times to keep a Year in Pixels tracker. I love the look of it when it’s done, and even now when I look at mine I realize life isn’t that bad. There’s a lot to be grateful for, I’m blessed, I’m abundant, etc. When I look at it, I see very few bad days, a lot of content days, and a good number of happy or joyous days. 

What really helps me keep track of my mood further is writing down my mood each day in the weekly section of my planner. Then I just go and fill it in with the appropriate color in the back. 

I remember when I first created my own Year in Pixels tracker in my first ever bullet journal, I only got up to a month or two of data for it. Also, I started to tracker my moods in my Artist of Life workbook also and got up to July with it. Recently, because of what I went through I put down the Artist of Life workbook. These days I only use it to help me break down my goals, but then I write them down in my Passion Planner instead. 

As for this Year in Pixels, I tend to update the tracker in batches. A few days or weeks at a time.

You can download it right here.

4. Affirmations & Mantras

affirmations, mantras, messages from your angels, freebie free download insert for your planner

Earlier, in #1 I talked about affirmations and mantras within Passion Planner’s self-care reflection and go-to kit, but this one is a bigger one. Or rather should I say a more in-depth one? Hands down, absolutely needed for your planner! I love this spread a lot. Originally, I created the SMS type theme for my website, and then I had a lightbulb moment and thought, 

  • “What if I used this for affirmations & mantras?” 
  • “What if the sender was my heart, my head, my gut?” 
  • “What if I wrote the sender information as what the affirmation itself is about?”

Surely enough, that is exactly what I did! I use this theme repeatedly now not only for mantras but also in my monthly reflections as the affirmation or quote I used a lot to guide me during that month. Messages from my angels, type of thing. So if you’re also into affirmations, mantras, or messages from your angels you will love this spread.

You can purchase it in my Etsy shop, right here.

5. TV Tracker

tv tracker shows seasons bullet journal freebie free download insert for your planner

Lastly, but certainly not the least, you need a TV tracker spread in your planner. I was debating between my Reading Bookshelf and my TV Trackers being the last choice, but ultimately, I went with TV Trackers because they’re ones I use a lot. And by a lot, I mean A LOT. I have 2 different types, a TV Seasons type tracker, it’s created in the idea of TV Channels menu, and then I have my TV Screens tracker which I use for TV shows that only have one season, last watched episode tracker, I use it in the monthly section of my planner to write down what I watched during that month. 

These aren’t the only trackers I have, and I’m constantly creating new ones so be sure to check out my Freebies page for others. Check back frequently because as I said, I’m always creating new ones. It’s something I love, but I also love giving back to the planner community. The amount of times I leaned on you guys for help, for inspiration, for comfort, it’s been an amazing 5 years of planning. 

You can purchase it in my Etsy shop, right here.

To sum things up,

All in all, we all love bullet journaling! It looks so pretty, aesthetic, and it looks like it’s manageable right? Keeps all of which we need in one place. But I realize, not everyone has the artistic capabilities to create a spread or the time that goes into making one. That’s why I make my spreads available for free, but I’m not the only one! 

Check out Passion Planner, a brand I truly do admire, follow, and love. Their community is absolutely amazing, just search #pashfam on Instagram, TikTok, or any other social media platform you’re on! It’s the universal hashtag for all Passion Planner family members.

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Question of the Day

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