3 Simple Must-Know Tips for College

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For the past few weeks, since I launched this site, I’ve been posting a lot of college-related posts.

To be honest with you, I’m not even done yet. I’m just getting started, but I realized a lot of them are long-form posts. This one that I have today is short, simple, and easy. It’s good for just about every college student, current, incoming, or prospective. Without further ado, let’s hop right into 3 simple must-know tips for college.

1. Rent your textbooks

I always loved Chegg for the sole reason they always threw in a little extra to try out, a coupon to Starbucks, an actual can or two of Starbucks refreshers, tide pods, and more. I loved and lived for those surprises! That being said, Chegg isn’t the only place to rent textbooks you can do so on amazon as well, or see which place is the best through websites like 

Chegg is the one that made an impact on me before, positively, and never steered me wrong but I can’t vouch for their quality now. 

Then on top of that, look into what’s cheaper to rent an ebook or a physical book. Many times I went the ebook route because it’s easier to transport since I already had my laptop with me. Furthermore, I can highlight and make notes on the ICT that it’s on, and I found the majority of the time it was cheaper. But not all books are offered through an ebook, so definitely shop around and compare prices.

2. Sell any used books or textbooks for extra cash

I would say sell them on Chegg because that’s what took all of my books, but it seems like Chegg has gotten picky in the last few years that I’ve been out of school. 

I just helped a friend get back $150 from selling back her textbooks! We used https://bookscouter.com/ to find the best price possible for each of her books. 

You print out the free shipping label, the packing label, drop it in a box, drop it off to USPS, or their designated shipping service, and in a matter of a few days, you’ll either get a check or PayPal deposit. 

Some of the packages you’ll be sending off to different places, depending on how much each is offering you. We used sticky notes to note which books were going where so there wasn’t any confusion on that matter later. 

Be aware that most websites have a minimum, so if one of your books isn’t worth much anymore because it’s really old and they’re offering you $4.10 try to see if any of your other textbooks are worth more and would go to the same location. Basically, group them together. 

This way even if you get a dollar less because you get it off your hands, and money is money it adds up! It’s an easy way to reach the minimum amount. 

That being said, just because it’s old doesn’t mean it has no value. I’ve sold my sisters’ old textbooks and one graduated from college in 2005. I was able to get back $40-50 each for my parents who bought them. 

Honestly, I thought this was common knowledge, but it turns out not many people know about the option to sell your books for cash. 

3. Rate your professors and check ratemyprofessors before adding that class

The best way to know if a professor is a good teacher, lecture heavy, homework heavy, an impossible grader, has a bad attitude, sucks at teaching, and more. Seriously if you’re not already on ratemyprofessor what’re you doing? 

Sometimes, unfortunately, you’ll find that only one person teaches that class at your campus but if you have a web campus or are willing to take summer classes, you could luck out with a much better professor.

Great example! I took an astrology class at Bucks County Community College one summer and had the dopest professor ever, who was also Polish American. I found out that the astrology course at Penn State Abington, the person who taught it, was a real piece of work and a huge asshole. Totally saved me that strife, and I got an A in my class. Transferred the credits, boom! Didn’t have to deal with any of those games that the other teacher did.

I always say this, “I’m paying money. The loans are on my head. Therefore, if I want to be the best, I want to learn from the best.” There were times that a teacher was new or no one rated them, and I’d show up the first day to get an idea for who they were, say “Nope,” and drop the class. Then next semester or even the same semester I took it with someone else, a much better teacher who taught things better. 

Don’t just read reviews, create your own. What did you like, what didn’t you like. It only takes a few seconds because ratemyprofessor has a character limit. Nonetheless, what goes around comes around. You’re being helped out, and you could be helping someone out!

To sum it up,

  1. Don't buy your textbooks, it's never worth it.
  2. Sell any books or textbooks you do did buy.
  3. Read reviews on professors prior to adding classes. Write reviews about professors you've had.
It's that easy! That simple! 

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