3 Simple Must-Know Tips for College

For the past few weeks, since I launched this site, I’ve been posting a lot of college-related posts. To be honest with you, I’m not even done yet. I’m just getting started, but I realized a lot of them are long-form posts. This one that I have today is short, simple, and easy. It’s good for just a…

[VIDEO] Passion Planner Small Undated Flip-Through

When your life hits a snag, what do you do? For me, when shit hits the fan I like to plan, but it wasn't always that way. In this particular journey, picking myself up was just met with many more obstacles. So what do you do? What can you do?Personally, I disappear.I'm sure there are health…

[VIDEO] Is the Passion Planner Digital Daily Worth It?

Is the passion planner digital daily worth it? Header image

Is the Passion Planner Digital Daily worth it? That depends.

5 Trackers Your Planner Needs

Planning may seem like a rigid structure, but life always happens and therefore we have to be fluid. We have to be able to shift when life shifts. Today I’m bringing you 5 trackers your planner needs, whether you’re in a Passion Planner, a bullet journal, or something entirely else. I’m sure you can find somewhere to incorporate this addition. 

[VIDEO] Current Passion Planner Setup

Have you ever noticed that when I like to plan I like to mix and incorporate bullet journal elements with a structured planner like the Passion Planner? That's just how I tend to think, and today I'm showing you my current Passion Planner set up. There's a little bit here for everyone, …

[VIDEO] Plan With Me Passion Planner October Reflection

Journaling isn't for everyone, period. Just like one size doesn't fit all. Today I'm showing you how I reflect on my month in my Passion Planner. 
Usually, Passion Planner includes a monthly reflection for you, but it never quite stuck well with me or worked for me. I'm a visual pers…

5 Things College Staff Won't Tell You

5 things college staff won't tell you, it's frustrating trust me i know

College is great, don't get me wrong, but you really have to be skeptical with everything they say. It's their job to get you to fall in love with their school, the major you’re interested in, and more. Why? Because it’s all about money in the end. You are another number to them, another statistic. It adds to their demographic. There’s always one thing to remember when it comes to anything in life and that’s, “If it sounds too good to be true, that’s because it is.” The same can be said for colleges and college degrees. I'm here to save your ass and hope you don't have to go through what I did by figuring out the things college staff won't tell you and aren't telling you.