[FREEBIE] Vertical Weekly | Bullet Journal Spread

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When you think about a bullet journal spread, what is the first thing that comes to mind? A tracker, a monthly calendar, something simple, something colorful, maybe you don’t see a spread that comes to your mind, maybe what you see is a YouTuber who creates spreads for you to draw along to! 

7 Things I Wish I Knew Before College

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I get it, college is tough. I still don’t believe college is for everyone. As someone who originally dropped out for five years and went back at a much later age, I definitely have more experience than most. Especially more so since,

[FREEBIE] Simple Monthly Review | Bullet Journal Spread

monthly review header image created in canva

It seems to me everyone and their mothers are trying to push journaling onto everyone, but journaling isn't for everyone. Some people are more visual than others, and then some like to reflect through data and results. I created this bullet journal spread in January 2020 to reflect in my own planner. I definitely return to it every now and then because sometimes I don't want to or don't have a month full of photos to share. Sometimes I just need to see some type of progress being made. Progress of any and all kind, big or small, is still progress, and that to me is a success. 

How to Listen to Your Inner Voice

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You’d honestly think it’s simple to listen to your inner voice. It’s yours, is it not? But it’s not that easy, especially when we are hearing a million other voices a day. External voices that are telling us, “You’re not good enough.” “Just get a job, any job, you don’t have to like it!” “It’s your responsibility!” Voices comparing you to your friends, other family members, or to themselves expecting you to check off the societal norms to-do list.