[VIDEO] First Ever Bullet Journal Flip Through

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I get told time and time again, "I wish I could get into planning, like you." What people don't realize is, they can! They totally and truly can, if they set an intention for themselves to do it. Look at me! I never used to be someone who used a planner. Before using a planner, I was a go-with-the-flow type of girl, and I partied hard. 

When I started to come to terms with the fact that what I wanted to do required a degree, I never once thought I was going to need a planner. I honestly thought I could breeze right through it. I had a plan, or rather I had a vision, but no way to execute it. 

Before I got into using a planner I failed a class and was passing other classes just averagely. I didn't want to be average. College is linear, and with a vision like mine, completing a bachelor's degree within 2 years, you need a way to execute it. You need to be on top of your shit! Yeah, I said it. 

I got told time and time again that my plans were "impossible." And it would have been without using a planner to stay on top of my shit. Prior to my bullet journal, I was gifted an Erin Condren horizontal planner or something like that, and a Happy Planner by a then-friend who was already into planning. Those methods didn't work for me, and I felt I just needed somewhere to start. I needed a way to brain dump. That's when I heard about the bullet journal method which was still entirely new at the time. 

It took time, patience, work, and adjusting what worked and what didn't constantly before I was fully into using a planner. With it, my grades turned around. I went from passing averagely to being done all my homework, every week, by Monday night and having the rest of the week free or to study or whatever, and passing with A's. I sacrificed luxury and comfort for my achievements. My plan, my vision, didn't seem impossible to people anymore, it was working. It was happening, and no one could tell me, "That's impossible," anymore. I committed myself wholeheartedly to having a planner and figuring out what worked for me. 

I'm a visual and auditory learner, and this is my bullet journal flip through. My journey from being a party girl and 5 year gap year weirdo, to someone who was ready, organized, and executed something deemed "impossible."

Bullet Journaling is for you if:

  • you have the time or will make the time
  • you like something simple and prefer to brain dump your thoughts into a notebook
  • you want to make your own structure
  • you want to flex your creative muscles
  • you are flexible and free-thinking
  • you don't care if it looks pretty or perfect you just need it to make sense to you in the moment
  • you want to stay on top of shit without spending too much
  • know that there is no right or wrong way to bujo
  • you're inspired by other bullet journals and want to give it a shot
  • you just want to have fun
  • you want to create fun spreads that tracks your mood, the music you're jamming to, all your quirks, your possible careers, your dream vacations and so much more!

00:00 Opening
01:47 Starting to Flip Thru
04:58 Japan Trip Spread & Story Time
12:41 Continued Flip Thru
14:08 My College Story
16:07 Continued Flip Thru: 
21:34 Best College Bujo Spread
26:30 Fave Weekly Layout
26:48 2nd Fave Weekly Layout
27:20 Internship Planning Spread

Question of the Day

Did you know Bullet Journaling doesn't have to involve a calendar, dates, or anything you don't want it to? You can add or retract anything that doesn't work for you.

Are you going to give bullet journaling a chance?

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"It doesn't have to be perfect. You just have to start." 

first ever bujo flip thru