[VIDEO] Passion Planner Large Undated Flip Through

Passion Planner large undated header image made in canva

I'm back with another flip through video of one of my previous planners, the Passion Planner Large Undated Monday Start Planner in the Paradise Blue color. Wow! That's a mouthful! If you are only discovering the Passion Planner now, you wouldn't know that once upon a time the Large size used to be called a Classic.

Is Skillshare Worth It?

is skillshare worth it? header image made in canva showing a picture of wit & delight skillshare class

Have you been seeing Skillshare ads everywhere? Almost every YouTuber is sponsored by Skillshare at one point or another. Ever wonder if Skillshare is worth it, or where would you even start? What classes do they have? How does this all work?

Well, I was right where you were. I was getting sick of people promoting Skillshare, and I just wanted to know what was so great?!

[VIDEO] First Ever Bullet Journal Flip Through

I get told time and time again, "I wish I could get into planning, like you." What people don't realize is, they can! They totally and truly can, if they set an intention for themselves to do it. Look at me! I never used to be someone who used a planner. Before using a planner, I was …