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100+ Ideas for Your Bucket List

100+ ideas for your bucket list

You would think it would be easy coming up with at least 100 ideas for your bucket list, right? When I started writing mine I found myself absolutely stumped. Eventually, as time wore on, I realized bucket list ideas didn't have to be so cliche. They could be absolutely anything because it's personal, and easily enough the list grew. It's still growing. I'm so excited to share with you 100+ non-cliche ideas for your bucket list too!
  1. Acting Classes
  2. Aerial Classes
  3. Anime Expo
  4. Archery Classes
  5. Art Museum exploration alone
  6. Aviation lessons (learn to fly a plane)
  7. Ax throwing
  8. Baking classes
  9. Bali swing
  10. Basic Woodworking or Carpentry class
  11. Batting cages
  12. Beach / Lake (solo adventure)
  13. Beginner’s baseball/softball
  14. Beginner’s volleyball class
  15. Belly dancing classes
  16. Biplane Tour over (enter city here)
  17. Botanical Gardens
  18. Broadway show
  19. Bronx Zoo
  20. Brooklyn Bridge
  21. Build or renovate something without physical help from anyone
  22. Bungee jumping
  23. Canyon Cliff Jumping
  24. Car Care Classes
  25. Central Park exploration
  26. Chanticleer Gardens
  27. Cirque du Soleil
  28. Color Factory, NY
  29. Comic-Con
  30. Coney Island
  31. Cooking classes
  32. Crayola factory
  33. Cave Tours
  34. Dance classes
  35. Disney--visit every Disney in the world
  36. Dodgeball classes
  37. Drifting classes
  38. Geocaching
  39. Ghibli museum
  40. Golfing lessons
  41. Go-Karting
  42. Grand Canyon
  43. Gun range and shoot a gun
  44. Gyrocopter
  45. Helicopter ride over (enter city here)
  46. Hello Kitty Cafe
  47. Hiking at...(choose a location you've been dying to explore)
  48. Hip hop classes
  49. Holiday Cards like Photo w/ Santa, Easter Bunny, etc. at your age alone
  50. Horseback Riding Lessons
  51. How to drive a manual transmission car
  52. Ice skating lessons/Figure skating
  53. Indoor rock climbing
  54. Indoor skydiving
  55. Japanese tea ceremony
  56. Jump off a waterfall
  57. Jumping off the docks into the lake
  58. Karaoking
  59. Kayaking
  60. Kick Boxing/boxing
  61. Learn hula dancing in Hawaii
  62. Local symphony concert
  63. Longwood Gardens (solo adventure)
  64. Maryland Aquarium
  65. Meditate under a waterfall
  66. Mermaid school
  67. Mini Golf solo
  68. Mini Photoshoot in a sunflower field
  69. Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania
  70. Museum of Illusions New York
  71. National Cherry Blossom Festival Petalpalooza
  72. Northern lights in Iceland
  73. Nude Beach
  74. Outside Roller Skating
  75. PAX East/West
  76. Painting with a Twist
  77. Parkour / stunts class
  78. Philadelphia flower show
  79. Please Touch Museum
  80. Pottery Class
  81. Professional photoshoot with you yourself being the model
  82. Puroland
  83. Rage room
  84. Renaissance Faire
  85. Riverrink Summerfest Roller Skating
  86. Safari in Africa
  87. Salsa dancing classes
  88. Samurai experience
  89. Sandboarding
  90. Science After Hours at Franklin Museum
  91. Scuba Diving
  92. See kangaroos in the wild in Australia
  93. Self-defense classes
  94. Sensory Deprivation Tank
  95. Shofuso Japanese House and Garden
  96. Solo Explore NYC
  97. Solo Roadtrip to Niagara Falls & Toronto
  98. Sky Zone Trampoline Park solo just for shits and giggles
  99. Sky slide at US bank tower
  100. Skydive out of a plane
  101. Snorkeling
  102. Snowboarding classes
  103. Spa day (facial and massage)
  104. Staycation including a hotel, restaurant, come up with a new persona
  105. Surfboarding lessons
  106. Swing dance classes
  107. Take yourself out to ___(A La Mousse, Cheesecake Factory, Max Brenner’s, etc.) solo
  108. The High Line
  109. The Vessel
  110. Top of the Rock Observation Deck
  111. Trapeze Classes
  112. Treetop Quest Philly
  113. Tubing in a lake
  114. Universal studios
  115. Vidcon
  116. Visit a lighthouse
  117. Visit the tallest skyscraper in the world
  118. Vocal training classes
  119. Voice acting classes
  120. Walk along the Great Wall of China
  121. Walk on the beach by the ocean
  122. Walking Tour
  123. Water skiing
  124. White water rafting
  125. Wild for Planners convention
  126. Wilderness survival classes
  127. Winter Swimming
  128. Ziplining
In the comments down below add anything you believe this list is missing! Even though my personal list is growing, some of them wouldn't be fitting for this list. 

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